Commit d37a1907 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Allow the bindir, libdir and libexec dir to be specified via env vars too

Same as for the datadir. Eg for package Foo, you'd use
Foo_bindir=... Foo_datadir=... Foo_libexecdir=... ./Foo
The next step would be generating a wrapper script that allows
running the program inplace. It should also work for a library.
parent 4a213d39
......@@ -192,10 +192,10 @@ buildPathsModule distPref pkg_descr lbi =
"\nlibexecdir = " ++ show flat_libexecdir ++
"\ngetBinDir, getLibDir, getDataDir, getLibexecDir :: IO FilePath\n"++
"getBinDir = return bindir\n"++
"getLibDir = return libdir\n"++
"getBinDir = "++mkGetEnvOr "bindir" "return bindir"++"\n"++
"getLibDir = "++mkGetEnvOr "libdir" "return libdir"++"\n"++
"getDataDir = "++mkGetEnvOr "datadir" "return datadir"++"\n"++
"getLibexecDir = return libexecdir\n" ++
"getLibexecDir = "++mkGetEnvOr "libexecdir" "return libexecdir"++"\n"++
"getDataFileName :: FilePath -> IO FilePath\n"++
"getDataFileName name = do\n"++
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