Commit d3a696a3 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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Disable reinstalls with distinct package keys for now.

Duncan requested that cabal-install not try to put multiple entries in the
package database with duplicate package IDs (foo-0.1) until other tools (in
particular GHC) are able to deal with situation in a better way.  We want to
revert this commit soon, since with this turned on, we basically don't get any
benefit from the package key refactoring (no deliverance from Cabal hell.)
Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent 1d33c8f5
...@@ -530,20 +530,18 @@ extractReinstalls (Reinstall ipids _) = ipids ...@@ -530,20 +530,18 @@ extractReinstalls (Reinstall ipids _) = ipids
extractReinstalls _ = [] extractReinstalls _ = []
packageStatus :: Compiler -> PackageIndex -> ReadyPackage -> PackageStatus packageStatus :: Compiler -> PackageIndex -> ReadyPackage -> PackageStatus
packageStatus comp installedPkgIndex cpkg = packageStatus _comp installedPkgIndex cpkg =
case PackageIndex.lookupPackageName installedPkgIndex case PackageIndex.lookupPackageName installedPkgIndex
(packageName cpkg) of (packageName cpkg) of
[] -> NewPackage [] -> NewPackage
ps -> case filter ((==pkg_key) ps -> case filter ((== packageId cpkg)
. Installed.packageKey) (concatMap snd ps) of . Installed.sourcePackageId) (concatMap snd ps) of
[] -> NewVersion (map fst ps) [] -> NewVersion (map fst ps)
pkgs@(pkg:_) -> Reinstall (map Installed.installedPackageId pkgs) pkgs@(pkg:_) -> Reinstall (map Installed.installedPackageId pkgs)
(changes pkg cpkg) (changes pkg cpkg)
where where
pkg_key = readyPackageKey comp cpkg
changes :: Installed.InstalledPackageInfo changes :: Installed.InstalledPackageInfo
-> ReadyPackage -> ReadyPackage
-> [MergeResult PackageIdentifier PackageIdentifier] -> [MergeResult PackageIdentifier PackageIdentifier]
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