Commit d3b07300 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts Committed by Mikhail Glushenkov
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Correct typos in the cli/config lenses

Getters and setters really need to match up.

Detected by parse/print round trip QC tests.

(cherry picked from commit a82af445)
parent 92f018c2
......@@ -263,12 +263,12 @@ globalCommand commands = CommandUI {
,option [] ["sandbox-config-file"]
"Set an alternate location for the sandbox config file (default: './cabal.sandbox.config')"
globalConfigFile (\v flags -> flags { globalSandboxConfigFile = v })
globalSandboxConfigFile (\v flags -> flags { globalSandboxConfigFile = v })
(reqArgFlag "FILE")
,option [] ["default-user-config"]
"Set a location for a cabal.config file for projects without their own cabal.config freeze file."
globalConfigFile (\v flags -> flags {globalConstraintsFile = v})
globalConstraintsFile (\v flags -> flags {globalConstraintsFile = v})
(reqArgFlag "FILE")
,option [] ["require-sandbox"]
......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ globalCommand commands = CommandUI {
,option [] ["http-transport"]
"Set a transport for http(s) requests. Accepts 'curl', 'wget', 'powershell', and 'plain-http'. (default: 'curl')"
globalConfigFile (\v flags -> flags { globalHttpTransport = v })
globalHttpTransport (\v flags -> flags { globalHttpTransport = v })
(reqArgFlag "HttpTransport")
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