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Add documentation for 'all-packages'

In the user guide, changelog and add a few code comments.
parent 32ff1cac
......@@ -861,7 +861,7 @@ The following settings control the behavior of the dependency solver:
Package configuration options
Package options affect the building of specific packages. There are two
Package options affect the building of specific packages. There are three
ways a package option can be specified:
- They can be specified at the top-level, in which case they apply only
......@@ -871,6 +871,11 @@ ways a package option can be specified:
apply to the build of the package, whether or not it is local or
- They can be specified inside an ``all-packages`` stanza, in which case they
apply to all packages, local ones from the project and also external
For example, the following options specify that :cfg-field:`optimization`
should be turned off for all local packages, and that ``bytestring`` (possibly
an external dependency) should be built with ``-fno-state-hack``::
......@@ -1083,6 +1083,9 @@ packageRepoSectionDescr =
-- | The definitions of all the fields that can appear in the @package pkgfoo@
-- and @all-packages@ sections of the @cabal.project@-format files.
packageSpecificOptionsFieldDescrs :: [FieldDescr LegacyPackageConfig]
packageSpecificOptionsFieldDescrs =
......@@ -1102,6 +1105,10 @@ packageSpecificOptionsFieldDescrs =
-- | The definition of the @all-packages@ sections of the
-- @cabal.project@-format files. This is the one that applies to all packages
-- used anywhere by the project, locally or as dependencies.
allPackagesOptionsSectionDescr :: SectionDescr LegacyProjectConfig
allPackagesOptionsSectionDescr =
SectionDescr {
......@@ -1120,6 +1127,9 @@ allPackagesOptionsSectionDescr =
sectionEmpty = mempty
-- | The definition of the @package pkgfoo@ sections of the @cabal.project@-format
-- files. This section is per-package name.
packageSpecificOptionsSectionDescr :: SectionDescr LegacyProjectConfig
packageSpecificOptionsSectionDescr =
SectionDescr {
......@@ -1763,6 +1763,9 @@ elaborateInstallPlan verbosity platform compiler compilerprogdb pkgConfigDB
lookupPerPkgOption :: (Package pkg, Monoid m)
=> pkg -> (PackageConfig -> m) -> m
lookupPerPkgOption pkg f =
-- This is where we merge the options from the project config that
-- apply to all packages, all project local packages, and to specific
-- named packages
global `mappend` local `mappend` perpkg
global = f allPackagesConfig
......@@ -46,6 +46,8 @@
* Added support for '--enable-tests' and '--enable-benchmarks' to
'cabal fetch' (#4948).
* Removed support for building cabal-install with GHC < 7.10.
* New 'all-packages' section in 'cabal.project' files that applies
options to all packages, not just those local to the project. Mikhail Glushenkov <> December 2017
* Support for GHC's numeric -g debug levels (#4673).
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