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Fix a space leak in package preferences (part of issue #3824).

The space leak was introduced in #3594. #3594 added a new variable,
sortedVersions, to sort the subtrees under package choice nodes in the search
tree. However, sortedVersions referenced the subtrees and caused them to be
retained when it was not used. This commit forces evaluation of
parent 5289f179
......@@ -51,17 +51,26 @@ import qualified Distribution.Solver.Modular.WeightedPSQ as W
-- | Update the weights of children under 'PChoice' nodes. 'addWeights' takes a
-- list of weight-calculating functions in order to avoid sorting the package
-- choices multiple times. Each function takes the package name, sorted list of
-- siblings' versions, and package option. 'addWeights' prepends the new
-- children's versions, and package option. 'addWeights' prepends the new
-- weights to the existing weights, which gives precedence to preferences that
-- are applied later.
addWeights :: [PN -> [Ver] -> POption -> Weight] -> Tree a -> Tree a
addWeights fs = trav go
go :: TreeF a (Tree a) -> TreeF a (Tree a)
go (PChoiceF qpn@(Q _ pn) x cs) =
let sortedVersions = L.sortBy (flip compare) $ version (W.keys cs)
let versions = version (W.keys cs)
sortedVersions = L.sortBy (flip compare) versions
weights k = [f pn sortedVersions k | f <- fs]
in PChoiceF qpn x $
W.mapWeightsWithKey (\k w -> weights k ++ w) cs
elemsToWhnf :: [a] -> ()
elemsToWhnf = foldr seq ()
in PChoiceF qpn x
-- Evaluate the children's versions before evaluating any of the
-- subtrees, so that 'versions' doesn't hold onto all of the
-- subtrees (referenced by cs) and cause a space leak.
(elemsToWhnf versions `seq`
W.mapWeightsWithKey (\k w -> weights k ++ w) cs)
go x = x
addWeight :: (PN -> [Ver] -> POption -> Weight) -> Tree a -> Tree a
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