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Documentation update for new macros.

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......@@ -2747,10 +2747,19 @@ conventional ordering on version numbers, which is lexicographic on the
sequence, but numeric on each component, so for example 1.2.0 is greater
than 1.0.3).
Since version 1.20, there is also the ``MIN_TOOL_VERSION_``\ *``tool``*
family of macros for conditioning on the version of build tools used to
Since version 1.20, the ``MIN_TOOL_VERSION_``\ *``tool``*
family of macros lets you condition on the version of build tools used to
build the program (e.g. ``hsc2hs``).
Since version 1.24, the macro ``CURRENT_COMPONENT_ID``, which
expands to the string of the component identifier that uniquely
identifies this component. Furthermore, if the package is a library,
the macro ``CURRENT_PACKAGE_KEY`` records the identifier that was passed
to GHC for use in symbols and for type equality.
Since version 2.0, the macro ``CURRENT_PACKAGE_VERSION`` expands
to the string version number of the current package.
Cabal places the definitions of these macros into an
automatically-generated header file, which is included when
preprocessing Haskell source code by passing options to the C
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