Commit dd0eaeba authored by Christiaan Baaij's avatar Christiaan Baaij
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Disable Cabal RPath handling on untested Operating Systems

These operating systems do support RPath, but they are untested
with regards to Cabal's RPATH calculation, so we will leave
RPATH handling on those operating systems to GHC.
parent aa0168b9
......@@ -1133,14 +1133,21 @@ getRPaths lbi clbi | supportRPaths hostOS = do
(Platform _ hostOS) = hostPlatform lbi
-- The list of RPath-supported operating systems below reflects the
-- platforms on which Cabal's RPATH handling is tested. It does _NOT_
-- reflect whether the OS supports RPATH.
-- E.g. when this comment was written, the *BSD operating systems were
-- untested with regards to Cabal RPATH handling, and were hence set to
-- 'False', while those operating systems themselves do support RPATH.
supportRPaths Linux   = True
supportRPaths Windows = False
supportRPaths OSX   = True
supportRPaths FreeBSD   = True
supportRPaths OpenBSD   = True
supportRPaths NetBSD   = True
supportRPaths DragonFly = True
supportRPaths Solaris = True
supportRPaths FreeBSD   = False
supportRPaths OpenBSD   = False
supportRPaths NetBSD   = False
supportRPaths DragonFly = False
supportRPaths Solaris = False
supportRPaths AIX = False
supportRPaths HPUX = False
supportRPaths IRIX = False
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