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Comment about convenience libraries and dependencies.

This comment is not yet implemented, will be the subject
of later patches.

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent fe6659f1
......@@ -126,6 +126,44 @@ convGPD os arch cinfo strfl pi
PInfo flagged_deps fds Nothing
-- With convenience libraries, we have to do some work. Imagine you
-- have the following Cabal file:
-- name: foo
-- library foo-internal
-- build-depends: external-a
-- library
-- build-depends: foo-internal, external-b
-- library foo-helper
-- build-depends: foo, external-c
-- test-suite foo-tests
-- build-depends: foo-helper, external-d
-- What should the final flagged dependency tree be? Ideally, it
-- should look like this:
-- [ Simple (Dep external-a) (Library foo-internal)
-- , Simple (Dep external-b) (Library foo)
-- , Stanza (SN foo TestStanzas) $
-- [ Simple (Dep external-c) (Library foo-helper)
-- , Simple (Dep external-d) (TestSuite foo-tests) ]
-- ]
-- There are two things to note:
-- 1. First, we eliminated the "local" dependencies foo-internal
-- and foo-helper. This are implicitly assumed to refer to "foo"
-- so we don't need to have them around. If you forget this,
-- Cabal will then try to pick a version for "foo-helper" but
-- no such package exists (this is the cost of overloading
-- build-depends to refer to both packages and components.)
-- 2. Second, it is more precise to have external-c be qualified
-- by a test stanza, since foo-helper only needs to be built if
-- your are building the test suite (and not the main library).
-- If you omit it, Cabal will always attempt to depsolve for
-- foo-helper even if you aren't building the test suite.
-- | Create a flagged dependency tree from a list @fds@ of flagged
-- dependencies, using @f@ to form the tree node (@f@ will be
-- something like @Stanza sn@).
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