Commit df947224 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Fix improvePlan so the index is updated incrementally

It's important since later packages can depend on earlier ones having
been changed from configured to pre-existing. That is afterall the
whole point of considering them in reverse toplogical order.
Also, remove duplicates in the dependencies list of installed
packages since ghc-pkg does not currently prevent duplicates in (eg
multiple depends on the same version of base). See ghc bug #2230.
parent 6835d7f6
......@@ -345,23 +345,24 @@ improvePlan installed selected = foldl' improve selected
$ reverseTopologicalOrder selected
improve selected' = maybe selected' (flip PackageIndex.insert selected')
. improvePkg
. improvePkg selected'
-- The idea is to improve the plan by swapping a configured package for
-- an equivalent installed one. For a particular package the condition is
-- that the package be in a configured state, that a the same version be
-- already installed with the exact same dependencies and all the packages
-- in the plan that it depends on are in the installed state
improvePkg pkgid = do
Configured pkg <- PackageIndex.lookupPackageId selected pkgid
improvePkg selected' pkgid = do
Configured pkg <- PackageIndex.lookupPackageId selected' pkgid
ipkg <- PackageIndex.lookupPackageId installed pkgid
guard $ sort (depends pkg) == sort (depends ipkg)
guard $ all isInstalled (depends pkg)
guard $ sort (depends pkg) == nub (sort (depends ipkg))
guard $ all (isInstalled selected') (depends pkg)
return (PreExisting ipkg)
isInstalled pkgid = case PackageIndex.lookupPackageId selected pkgid of
Just (PreExisting _) -> True
_ -> False
isInstalled selected' pkgid =
case PackageIndex.lookupPackageId selected' pkgid of
Just (PreExisting _) -> True
_ -> False
reverseTopologicalOrder :: PackageFixedDeps pkg => PackageIndex pkg
-> [PackageIdentifier]
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