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Update changelog for 0.10.0 release

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0.10.0 Duncan Coutts <> February 2011
* New package targets: local dirs, local and remote tarballs
* Initial support for a "world" package target
* Partial fix for situation where user packages mask global ones
* Removed cabal upgrade, new --upgrade-dependencies flag
* New cabal install --only-dependencies flag
* New cabal fetch --no-dependencies and --dry-run flags
* Improved output for cabal info
* Simpler and faster bash command line completion
* Fix for broken proxies that decompress wrongly
* Fix for cabal unpack to preserve executable permissions
* Adjusted the output for the -v verbosity level in a few places
0.8.2 Duncan Coutts <> March 2010
* Fix for cabal update on Windows
* On windows switch to per-user installs (rather than global)
* Handle intra-package dependencies in dependency planning
* Minor tweaks to cabal init feature
* Fix various -Wall warnings
* Fix for cabal sdist --snapshot
0.8.0 Duncan Coutts <> Dec 2009
* Works with ghc-6.12
* New "cabal init" command for making initial project .cabal file
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