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......@@ -437,9 +437,13 @@ they are up to date.
cabal new-haddock
``cabal new-haddock [FLAGS] TARGET`` builds Haddock documentation for
``cabal new-haddock [FLAGS] [TARGET]`` builds Haddock documentation for
the specified packages within the project.
If a target is not a library :cfg-field:`haddock-benchmarks`,
:cfg-field:`haddock-executables`, :cfg-field:`haddock-internal`,
:cfg-field:`haddock-tests` will be implied as necessary.
cabal new-exec
......@@ -1514,9 +1518,6 @@ Coverage options
Haddock options
Documentation building support is fairly sparse at the moment. Let us
know if it's a priority for you!
.. cfg-field:: documentation: boolean
......@@ -1529,6 +1530,11 @@ know if it's a priority for you!
The command line variant of this flag is ``--enable-documentation``
and ``--disable-documentation``.
`documentation: true` does not imply :cfg-field:`haddock-benchmarks`,
:cfg-field:`haddock-executables`, :cfg-field:`haddock-internal` or
:cfg-field:`haddock-tests`. These need to be enabled separately if
.. cfg-field:: doc-index-file: templated path
:synopsis: Path to haddock templates.
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