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Update new-install docs

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......@@ -447,12 +447,29 @@ cabal new-exec
using the project's environment. That is, passing the right flags to compiler
invocations and bringing the project's executables into scope.
cabal new-install
``cabal new-install [FLAGS] PACKAGES`` builds the specified nonlocal packages
and symlinks their executables in ``symlink-bindir`` (usually ``~/.cabal/bin``).
For example this command will build the latest ``cabal-install`` and symlink
its ``cabal`` executable:
$ cabal new-install cabal-install
For libraries and local packages see
`Unsupported commands <#unsupported-commands>`__
Unsupported commands
The following commands are not currently supported:
``cabal new-install`` (:issue:`3737` and :issue:`3332`)
``cabal new-install`` (libraries and local executables)
(:issue:`3737` and :issue:`4558`)
Workaround: no good workaround at the moment. (But note that you no
longer need to install libraries before building!)
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