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Document 'gen-bounds'.

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......@@ -1003,6 +1003,32 @@ The command writes the selected version for all dependencies to the
`cabal.config` file. All environments which share this file will use the
dependency versions specified in it.
#### Generating dependency version bounds ####
Cabal also has the ability to suggest dependency version bounds that conform to
[Package Versioning Policy][PVP], which is a recommended versioning system for
publicly released Cabal packages. This is done by running the `gen-bounds`
cabal gen-bounds
For example, given the following dependencies specified in `build-depends`:
foo == 0.5.2
bar == 1.1
`gen-bounds` will suggest changing them to the following:
foo >= 0.5.2 && < 0.6
bar >= 1.1 && < 1.2
### Executables ###
Executable sections (if present) describe executable programs contained
......@@ -2187,3 +2213,4 @@ a few options:
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