Commit f07db3ed authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Remove now-unused InstallPlan.preexisting

We only ever switch Configured to Installed. The PreExisting state only
comes from the original solver plan, which only uses installed packages
from the global db.
parent 8f870aa0
......@@ -33,7 +33,6 @@ module Distribution.Client.InstallPlan (
......@@ -291,26 +290,6 @@ remove shouldRemove plan =
newIndex = Graph.fromList $
filter (not . shouldRemove) (toList plan)
-- | Replace a ready package with a pre-existing one. The pre-existing one
-- must have exactly the same dependencies as the source one was configured
-- with.
preexisting :: (IsUnit ipkg,
IsUnit srcpkg)
=> UnitId
-> ipkg
-> GenericInstallPlan ipkg srcpkg
-> GenericInstallPlan ipkg srcpkg
preexisting pkgid ipkg plan = plan'
plan' = plan {
planIndex = Graph.insert (PreExisting ipkg)
-- ...but be sure to use the *old* IPID for the lookup for
-- the preexisting record
. Graph.deleteKey pkgid
$ planIndex plan
-- | Change a package in a 'Configured' state to an 'Installed' state.
-- To preserve invariants, the package must have all of its dependencies
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