Commit f0a81bf2 authored by cabal's avatar cabal
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Cabal.xml: entity greencard was mixed up with haddock

parent 725720f9
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
<!ENTITY Autoconf '<ulink url=""><command>autoconf</command></ulink>'>
<!ENTITY C2hs '<ulink url=""><command>c2hs</command></ulink>'>
<!ENTITY Cpphs '<ulink url=""><command>cpphs</command></ulink>'>
<!ENTITY Greencard '<ulink url=""><command>haddock</command></ulink>'>
<!ENTITY Greencard '<ulink url=""><command>greencard</command></ulink>'>
<!ENTITY Haddock '<ulink url=""><command>haddock</command></ulink>'>
<!ENTITY Happy '<ulink url=""><command>happy</command></ulink>'>
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