Commit f2d02983 authored by kristenk's avatar kristenk
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Avoid filtering the solver log before 'showMessages'.

Previously, the solver filtered out redundant backjumping messages twice, once
in 'Log.logToProgress' and again in 'Message.showMessages. However,
'showMessages' relied on the backjumping messages to determine where to insert
messages about missing packages. This led to missing "unknown package" messages
(part of issue #3617).

This commit removes the filtering in 'logToProgress', because it was redundant.
parent be6c37dd
......@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@ logToProgress mbj l = let
proc :: Maybe Int -> Progress Message a b -> Progress Message (Maybe (ConflictSet QPN)) b
proc _ (Done x) = Done x
proc _ (Fail _) = Fail Nothing
proc mbj' (Step (Failure cs Backjump) xs@(Step Leave (Step (Failure cs' Backjump) _)))
| cs == cs' = proc mbj' xs -- repeated backjumps count as one
proc mbj' (Step x@(Failure cs Backjump) xs@(Step Leave (Step (Failure cs' Backjump) _)))
| cs == cs' = Step x (proc mbj' xs) -- repeated backjumps count as one
proc (Just 0) (Step (Failure cs Backjump) _) = Fail (Just cs)
proc (Just n) (Step x@(Failure _ Backjump) xs) = Step x (proc (Just (n - 1)) xs)
proc mbj' (Step x xs) = Step x (proc mbj' xs)
......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ tests = [
, runTest $ indep $ mkTest db1 "multipleInstances" ["F", "G"] anySolverFailure
, runTest $ mkTest db21 "unknownPackage1" ["A"] (SolverSuccess [("A", 1), ("B", 1)])
, runTest $ mkTest db22 "unknownPackage2" ["A"] (SolverFailure (isInfixOf "unknown package: C"))
, runTest $ mkTest db23 "unknownPackage3" ["A"] (SolverFailure (isInfixOf "unknown package: B"))
, testGroup "Flagged dependencies" [
runTest $ mkTest db3 "forceFlagOn" ["C"] (SolverSuccess [("A", 1), ("B", 1), ("C", 1)])
......@@ -798,6 +799,17 @@ db22 = [
, Right $ exAv "A" 2 [ExAny "C"]
-- | Another test for the unknown package message. This database tests that
-- filtering out redundant conflict set messages in the solver log doesn't
-- interfere with generating a message about a missing package (part of issue
-- #3617). The conflict set for the missing package is {A, B}. That conflict set
-- is propagated up the tree to the level of A. Since the conflict set is the
-- same at both levels, the solver only keeps one of the backjumping messages.
db23 :: ExampleDb
db23 = [
Right $ exAv "A" 1 [ExAny "B"]
-- | Database for (unsuccessfully) trying to expose a bug in the handling
-- of implied linking constraints. The question is whether an implied linking
-- constraint should only have the introducing package in its conflict set,
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