Commit f3706c5b authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Restore using 30k max command line sizes when linking

parent 7d0e840e
......@@ -459,9 +459,11 @@ build pkg_descr lbi verbosity = do
runAr = rawSystemProgramConf verbosity arProgram (withPrograms lbi)
--TODO: discover this at configure time on unix
-- used to be 30k, but Solaris needs 2k (see GHC bug #1785)
maxCommandLineSize = 2048
--TODO: discover this at configure time or runtime on unix
-- The value is 32k on Windows and posix specifies a minimum of 4k
-- but all sensible unixes use more than 4k.
-- we could use getSysVar ArgumentLimit but that's in the unix lib
maxCommandLineSize = 30 * 1024
ifVanillaLib False $ xargs maxCommandLineSize
runAr arArgs arObjArgs
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