Commit f8095ac4 authored by bardur.arantsson's avatar bardur.arantsson Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #3937 from 23Skidoo/config-init-more-obvious

Make the initial '~/.cabal/config' comment more obvious.
parents ff08346c 47cf508b
......@@ -668,14 +668,16 @@ writeConfigFile file comments vals = do
explanation = unlines
["-- This is the configuration file for the 'cabal' command line tool."
,"-- The available configuration options are listed below."
,"-- Some of them have default values listed."
,"-- Lines (like this one) beginning with '--' are comments."
,"-- Be careful with spaces and indentation because they are"
,"-- used to indicate layout for nested sections."
,"-- This config file was generated using the following versions"
,"-- of Cabal and cabal-install:"
,"-- Cabal library version: " ++ Text.display cabalVersion
,"-- cabal-install version: " ++ showVersion Paths_cabal_install.version
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