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-= Quirky things about the build system =-
* "make install" as root, then try "ghci -package Cabal" to test it.
If you get an error about multiple versions of Cabal, read the section
below "Working with older versions of Cabal"
* GNUmakefile is the one you're probably interested in. If you see
Makefile, it is probably from the fptools build tree, and it won't
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* HUnit is included both as a test case for Cabal, and because Cabal
uses HUnit for testing. Don't panic.
-= Working with older versions of Cabal =-
If you have an older version of Cabal installed, you may have to
specify which version you want when you run ghci. For instance:
$ ghci -package Cabal
ghc-6.4: Error; multiple packages match Cabal: Cabal-1.0, Cabal-1.0.1
$ ghci -package Cabal-1.0.1
If you want to avoid this situation, you can remove the older version
$ ghc-pkg unregister Cabal-1.0
$ ghc-pkg unregister Cabal-1.0 --user
If you don't have root access, and you need to install a newer version
of Cabal in your user directory, then this formula may help to hide
the global version:
$ ghc-pkg describe Cabal-1.0 | ghc-pkg --user regiser -
$ ghc-pkg --user hide Cabal-1.0
-= Your Help =-
Portability is one of the most important things about this project.
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