Commit fb7567a8 authored by Luite Stegeman's avatar Luite Stegeman
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Do not fail when the setup executable does not exist when checking

for the windows clean hack.

This would cause exceptions when using a cached setup executable,
making parallel builds on Windows completely unusable.
parent a70398d5
......@@ -77,7 +77,11 @@ import Distribution.Simple.Utils
, copyFileVerbose, rewriteFile, intercalate )
import Distribution.Client.Utils
( inDir, tryCanonicalizePath
, existsAndIsMoreRecentThan, moreRecentFile )
, existsAndIsMoreRecentThan, moreRecentFile
#if mingw32_HOST_OS
, canonicalizePathNoThrow
import Distribution.System ( Platform(..), buildPlatform )
import Distribution.Text
( display )
......@@ -526,7 +530,8 @@ externalSetupMethod verbosity options pkg bt mkargs = do
-- See 'Note: win32 clean hack' above.
#if mingw32_HOST_OS
setupProgFile' <- tryCanonicalizePath setupProgFile
-- setupProgFile may not exist if we're using a cached program
setupProgFile' <- canonicalizePathNoThrow setupProgFile
let win32CleanHackNeeded = (useWin32CleanHack options')
-- Skip when a cached setup script is used.
&& setupProgFile' `equalFilePath` path'
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