Commit fdcb0d9d authored by Christiaan Baaij's avatar Christiaan Baaij
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Correctly determine location of internal library

parent bb273e7c
......@@ -434,8 +434,11 @@ depLibraryPaths inplace relative lbi clbi = do
let ipkgs = allPackages (installedPkgs lbi)
allDepLibDirs = concatMap Installed.libraryDirs ipkgs
| inplace = buildDir lbi
| otherwise = libdir installDirs
allDepLibDirs' = if hasInternalDeps
then (libdir installDirs) : allDepLibDirs
then internalLib : allDepLibDirs
else allDepLibDirs
allDepLibDirsC <- mapM canonicalizePathNoFail allDepLibDirs'
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