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      Fix openTempFile so it works on windows with ghc at least · 5390172f authored
      It's still a hack. The right solution is to proerly implement openTempFile
      in base for all Haskell impls, not just GHC.
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      Use rawSystem not system for capturing output of commands · 1cbfb5e0 authored
      For example we were using a wrapper around 'system' to find the haddock
      version. This invokes the system command interpreter and passes the
      command to run as an argument. If the command has spaces in it and is not
      properly escaped then everything goes wrong. This happens for example
      on windows when haddock and other programs are kept under "Program Files".
      So the right thing to do is never to use system, but always rawSystem since
      then there are no escaping issues.
      This patch replaces a couple function systemCaptureStdout and systemGetStdout
      with rawSystemStdout which now lives in Distribution.Simple.Utils.
      This also uses some rather nasty code to get the output of a command.
      It really really should not be this hard to do portably. To work around
      the fact that we cannot use runInteractiveProcess we instead have to create
      a temporary file. This also turns out to be a hack because the 'standard'
      openTempFile is not implemented except by GHC, so we now have a hacky version
      living in Distribution.Compat.TempFile just waiting for the standard 
      openTempFile to be made properly portable, or for us to get some
      System.Process function that does what we want.