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    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Remove same-package import lists, fixes #2835. · 639cd007
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      Instead of qualifying, in some cases I just added an extra
      'hiding' pragma to squelch errors.  Common conflicts
      (just grep for hiding):
          - Flag
              - Distribution.Simple.Compiler
              - Distribution.PackageDescription
              - Distribution.Simple.Setup
          - installedComponentId
              - Distribution.Package
              - Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo
          - doesFileExist
              - Distribution.PackageDescription.Check
          - instantiatedWith
              - I renamed the field in InstalledPackageInfo.  But
                it's probably going away with Backpack bits; I
                migth just excise it soon.
          - absoluteInstallDirs and substPathTemplate
              - Distribution.Simple.InstallDirs
              - Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo
      I fixed some shadowing errors by renaming local variables in some cases.
      Common shadowings (we should perhaps consider not using these as
      method/field names):
          - freeVars
          - components
          - noVersion
          - verbosity
          - get
          - description
          - name
      Some data structures were moved around (IPIConvert and ABIHash)
      to make it easier to handle import lists.
      Some functions in Utils could be turned into reexports of standard
      library functions.
      No explicit imports were removed from non-Cabal imports.  These
      imports help maintain warning cleanliness across versions of GHC,
      so I don't recommend removing them.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
  7. 07 Jan, 2016 4 commits
    • Edsko de Vries's avatar
      Introduce RepoContext · ba5c55c4
      Edsko de Vries authored
      The RepoContext encapsulates the list of repositories, as well as some
      associated state. In particular, it also encapsulates the HttpTransport, which
      will be initialized on demand and cached thereafter.  This is important for two
      * For the hackage-security integration: in order to be able to use cabal's own
        HttpTransport API for the secure repo, we need to have access to that
        transport when we initialize the repo, but as things stood that was not
        possible (cabal was initializing repos ahead of time but the transport on
      * For the integration with the nix-local-branch it is important that the Repo
        type remains Serializable. By passing RepoContext rather than a list of
        Repos, we can leave RepoSecure serializable and separately maintain a mapping
        from cabal's Repo type to hackage-security's (stateful) Repository type.
    • Edsko de Vries's avatar
      Move GlobalFlags to its own module · 71609ec1
      Edsko de Vries authored
      This is in preparation for the next commit (and will avoid circular
      module dependencies).
    • Edsko de Vries's avatar
      Merge pull request #3031 from edsko/pr/requestHeaders · 710659cc
      Edsko de Vries authored
      Add support for request headers in getHttp. Merging since approved.
    • Edsko de Vries's avatar
      Merge pull request #3029 from edsko/pr/readBuildTreeRefsFromCache · 6a41080c
      Edsko de Vries authored
      Improve separation of concerns: introduce readBuildTreeRefsFromCache. Merging since approved. 
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    • bardur.arantsson's avatar
      Merge pull request #3027 from ezyang/new-extensions · 9c4c47db
      bardur.arantsson authored
      Two new extensions coming with GHC 8.0, fixes #3025.
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Fix tar tests · fd3dd32d
      Duncan Coutts authored
      No need to test functions that come from the tar lib now.
      Also, correct the expected output for sandbox remove source. Previously
      the results were expected to come out in reverse order, because the old
      filterEntriesM performed the monad actions in reverse order. The new
      code doesn't have that bug so the results come out in the correct order.
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Switch to the tar package, drop builtin code · 0db3b216
      Duncan Coutts authored
      The current incarnation of the tar package originated as code inside
      cabal-install. That external tar package is now quite mature, with more
      features and is much faster. In particular the tar index features will
      be very useful for cabal-install, which currently has to maintain its
      own custom-format index/cache.
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    • randen's avatar
      Add foldl' import · 6a62d2d2
      randen authored
      -- building cabal-install in a sandbox with add-source
      on Cabal, still builds the cabal executable even though
      the Cabal build failed :-(
    • randen's avatar
      The Cabal part for fully gcc-like response files · 0384727a
      randen authored
      * Cabal/Distribution/Simple/Haddock.hs
        * VERY IMPORTANT! this feature depends on a particular
          version of haddock, that includes the corresponding
          support for these style of response files.  However,
          we do not really know that version number!  So, this
          change here must be co-ordinated with the haddock project.
  15. 29 Dec, 2015 2 commits