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      Fix: "cabal haddock" uses CPP overzealously · ba4ae3d0
      Iain Nicol authored
      Until recently we supported ancient versions of Haddock, pre v2.0.  To
      support the CPP extension with such versions, cabal had to invoke the
      CPP before invoking Haddock on the output.  For simplicity cabal would
      invoke the CPP on all Haskell files, if any Haskell file required CPP.
      However, invoking CPP on a file which does not require it can cause
      build failures.
      Haddock v2.0+ supports the CPP via GHC, and even automatically
      preprocesses any file with the {-# LANGUAGE CPP #-} pragma. Hence we
      simply need only tell Haddock to enable the CPP when the CPP is a
      package level default extension.
      Fixes issue #1808.
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      Use Haddock's builtin support for .lhs and CPP · 5729bc5c
      Iain Nicol authored
      This is a code simplification on our end.
      Thanks to Mikhail Glushenkov for the suggestion.
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      Remove support for Haddock versions < 2.0 · 98c537f1
      Iain Nicol authored
      Dropping this support is unlikely to be a problem in practice.  Debian
      oldstable is currently on version 2.6.0 of Haddock, for example.
      This change enables future code simplification.  Currently we
      preprocess both Haskell files requiring the CPP and Literate Haskell
      files; newer versions of Haddock can handle these natively.
      Fixes issue #1718.
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      Fix the haddock --html-location= for relative URLs · 32dddcb1
      Duncan Coutts authored
      The previous fix in isue #1407 turned out to be in the wrong place and
      so applied to both the haddock-html from the ghc-pkg output, and also to
      the location passed via the --html-location flag. For the
      --html-location flag it is important that we can use relative URLs like
      /package/$pkg-$version/docs because that is what we need for hackage.
      Note that that is a relative URL, it's relative to the server root.
      However that was being interpreted as a local file path and being given
      the file:// prefix. So now we move the file:// URL stuff to the right
      place so it only applies to the location given in the haddock-html field
      of the package registration.
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    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Add some more recent GhcOptions · f6f12fe0
      Duncan Coutts authored
      Add support for:
       -dynamic-too  (now a three-way choice with -static & -dynamic)
       -dynhisuf -dynosuf
      All the options we use internally should have their own flags. We should
      really only be using ghcOptExtra for things from the user.
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      Return Maybe Platform as part of compiler configure, and place it in... · 7a0941c8
      lukexi authored
      Return Maybe Platform as part of compiler configure, and place it in LocalBuildInfo as hostPlatform.
      GHC infers the platform form ghc --info using new 'platformFromTriple' function. Other compilers return Nothing, which triggers fallback to old behavior of using buildPlatform. hostPlatform is then threaded through to initialPathTemplateEnv.
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    • John Wiegley's avatar
      A few more code simplifications · 2ff85140
      John Wiegley authored
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      Add extra-html-files, for installing extra html files · 49a2be96
      John Wiegley authored
      For example, you might have an images/ directory in your project, with
      images that you refer to from Haddock with:
      Then in your Cabal file you would include:
          extra-html-files: images/*.png
      And these would both be packaged by sdist, and "cabal haddock" will
      install them in:
      Fixes #1167
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