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      cabal install can be used inside a cabal exec environment · 0a4aed40
      barmston authored
      Inside a cabal exec environment cabal should be configured to always use the
      correct environment. When there is a sandbox this is addressed by setting the
      CABAL_SANDBOX_CONFIG environment variable.
      However GHC is configured to use the correct package database through setting
      the GHC_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable to include the sandbox database. The
      Cabal library previously refused to operate when GHC_PACKAGE_PATH is set in
      order to avoid having a different view of the package databases to GHC.
      In the case of a cabal exec environment being loaded for a cabal sandbox, it
      is safe to allow the use of GHC_PACKAGE_PATH as it is being used to ensure
      that GHC uses the same package database as cabal does.
      A check is made that GHC_PACKAGE_PATH matches the value that cabal exec set it
      to. If it does use of GHC through cabal is permitted.
      Fixes #1800
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      Enable library profiling when profiling executables · 6b631745
      ttuegel authored
      It doesn't make any sense to do a profiling build of an executable if
      the library doesn't have a profiled build! The option
      --enable-executable-profiling is changed to --enable-profiling to
      reflect that it is now a global flag. The old option is still recognized
      (for now).
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      Build shared library when linking executables dynamically · 2976fef4
      ttuegel authored
      Dynamically linking executables will fail without a shared library
      unless the executables do not depend on the library or there is no
      library. If there is no library, building shared libraries comes at no
      cost. If there is a library, the executables usually depend on it, so it
      makes sense to --enable-shared.
      If the user passes --disable-shared, it will still be honored, but a
      warning will be produced.
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      Move parts of Distribution.Simple.GHC that can be shared with other · 40ee6191
      Luite Stegeman authored
      GHC-derived compiler flavors to Distribution.Simple.GHC.Internal
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      Read `setup-config' into a strict ByteString, making sure that the · f958e32e
      Luite Stegeman authored
      file handle does not stay open.
      This caused permission denied problems on MSYS where the working
      temp directory could not be removed after building a package because
      of a lingering open file.
      Additionally, I've uglified the qualifier for the import of
      Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8, since it's ugly and potentially risky,
      and should be clearly visible as such.
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