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    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Remove same-package import lists, fixes #2835. · 639cd007
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      Instead of qualifying, in some cases I just added an extra
      'hiding' pragma to squelch errors.  Common conflicts
      (just grep for hiding):
          - Flag
              - Distribution.Simple.Compiler
              - Distribution.PackageDescription
              - Distribution.Simple.Setup
          - installedComponentId
              - Distribution.Package
              - Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo
          - doesFileExist
              - Distribution.PackageDescription.Check
          - instantiatedWith
              - I renamed the field in InstalledPackageInfo.  But
                it's probably going away with Backpack bits; I
                migth just excise it soon.
          - absoluteInstallDirs and substPathTemplate
              - Distribution.Simple.InstallDirs
              - Distribution.Simple.LocalBuildInfo
      I fixed some shadowing errors by renaming local variables in some cases.
      Common shadowings (we should perhaps consider not using these as
      method/field names):
          - freeVars
          - components
          - noVersion
          - verbosity
          - get
          - description
          - name
      Some data structures were moved around (IPIConvert and ABIHash)
      to make it easier to handle import lists.
      Some functions in Utils could be turned into reexports of standard
      library functions.
      No explicit imports were removed from non-Cabal imports.  These
      imports help maintain warning cleanliness across versions of GHC,
      so I don't recommend removing them.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
  7. 08 Jan, 2015 1 commit
    • ttuegel's avatar
      D.Compat.Binary: backport binary generics to binary-0.5 · c650e347
      ttuegel authored
      GHC generics are used to derive binary instances for types appearing
      in the persistent build config, which requires GHC >= 7.2 and
      binary >= 0.7. Unfortunately, GHC < 7.8 ships with binary == 0.5.*.
      The missing module is Data.Binary.Generics, which we have copied from
      binary- to Distribution.Compat.Binary.Generics. To provide
      generic implementations for the Binary class, we also have to provide
      our own implementation, which is copied from binary- to
      Distribution.Compat.Binary.Class. The interface required by Cabal is
      exported from Distribution.Compat.Binary. This is only done if
      bootstrapping Cabal with GHC < 7.8 or if binary >= 0.7 is not available,
      otherwise Distribution.Compat.Binary simply re-exports Data.Binary.
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    • adept's avatar
      Auto-reconfiguration when .cabal is newer than setup-config · 549a6985
      adept authored
      This patch adds "ConfigFlags" to the "LocalBuildInfo" and reuses them to
      perform "configureAction" when .cabal file is changed. This has
      the same effect as re-running "configure" with the most recent used
      set of options, which should be the sensible thing to do.
      Closes #294, #477, #309 and #518.
  13. 28 Jun, 2008 1 commit
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Update module headers · 0c993c84
      Duncan Coutts authored
      Use as the maintainer in most cases except for
      a few which were pre-existing modules copied from elsewhere or modules
      like L.H.Extension which really belong to
      Remove the useless stability module. We have more detailed information
      on stability elsewhere (in the version number and user guide).
      Add more top level module documentation, taken from the source guide.
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    • mnislaih's avatar
      #223 part 1: Extend Distribution.Command.Simple.Option · 7bbbe596
      mnislaih authored
           so that it really represents an option and not just a flag.
           It's been renamed to OptionField as it models a field in a flags-like data structure. 
              data OptionField a = OptionField {
                optionName        :: Name,
                optionDescr       :: [OptDescr a] }
              data OptDescr a  = ReqArg Description OptFlags ArgDescr (ReadE (a->a))         (a -> [String])
                               | OptArg Description OptFlags ArgDescr (ReadE (a->a)) (a->a)  (a -> [Maybe String])
                               | ChoiceOpt [(Description, OptFlags, a->a, a -> Bool)]
      			 | BoolOpt Description OptFlags{-True-} OptFlags{-False-} (Bool -> a -> a) (a -> Bool)
            An option field can expand to several command line options, which are all defined together.
            For example, the compiler flag is defined as follows.
                  option [] ["compiler"] "compiler"
                     configHcFlavor (\v flags -> flags { configHcFlavor = v })
                     (choiceOpt [ (Flag GHC, ("g", ["ghc"]), "compile with GHC")
                                , (Flag NHC, ([] , ["nhc98"]), "compile with NHC")
                                , (Flag JHC, ([] , ["jhc"]), "compile with JHC")
                                , (Flag Hugs,([] , ["hugs"]), "compile with Hugs")])
            We can need to use several kinds of OptDescr for the same option, as in the 
            optimization Option (really a extreme case):
                  ,multiOption "optimization"
                     configOptimization (\v flags -> flags { configOptimization = v })
                     [optArg' "n" (Flag . flagToOptimisationLevel)
                              "Build with optimization (n is 0--2, default is 1)",
                      noArg (Flag NoOptimisation) []
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    • Ian Lynagh's avatar
      Make a proper verbosity type, rather than using Int values · 28847431
      Ian Lynagh authored
      Hopefully this will make it easier to get better verbosity consistency.
      We could, by changing only Distribution.Verbosity, use
      "type Verbosity = Int" for now to give users of the library a chance to
      catch up, but the upcoming Cabal release seems like a good opportunity
      to cram in as much of the interface-changing stuff that we want to do
      as we can. I think the added benefit of a slow switch would be very low
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    • ijones's avatar
      lots of changes, mostly from ross · 454e0e9d
      ijones authored
        documentation updates from ross paterson
        - more accurate specification of package names
        - hs-source-dir -> hs-source-dirs in examples
        - setup clean removes a bit more
        - rearrange description of fields
        Version.hs: allow more spaces in version constraints
        Install.hs: add the exe extension when installing executables (reported by Brian Smith)
        test directory: add explicit dependencies on base
        Prefix error messages and warnings with the program name, and send them
        to stderr.  (Also moved some stuff from Distribution.Simple.Utils to
        Distribution.Simple.Build to avoid circular dependencies.)
        refactoring only: split Compiler type from Distribution.Setup,
        to reduce dependencies.
        Exclude DefaultSetup.lhs from the GHC build
        add JHC to the Compiler type
        refactored argument processing
        setup sdist --snapshot: append YYYYMMDD to the version for the bundle
        improved error messages (from Brian Smith):
        * attach source locations to messages when available
        * change some remaining error's do die.
        refactor defaultMainWorker
        split Distribution.Extension between Language.Haskell.Extension (just
        the type, which will also be useful when haskell-src-exts is merged)
        and Distribution.Compiler (mappings to compiler options).
        add Language.Haskell.Extension
        Simon marlow:  update defaults for prefix/libdir/bindir
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  32. 02 Jan, 2005 1 commit
    • ijones's avatar
      from Ross and CVS · e6214fc9
      ijones authored
      First cut at installHugs.  The treatment of executables is still incomplete.
      simplistic register/unregister for Hugs:
        * register copies the installed package decsription into the packages dir
        * unregister uninstalls the package
      Hugs supports FFI without extra flags
  33. 30 Nov, 2004 1 commit
    • simonmar's avatar
      Huge wad of changes from GHC team · d84d3728
      simonmar authored
      - Rename Compat.* modules to Distribution.Compat.*
      - Add {-# OPTIONS -cpp #-} to a few modules
      - Distribution.Compat.ReadP: use real ReadP in GHC 6.3+
      - new module: Distribution.Extension, contains Extension type
        formerly from Distribution.Misc.
      - new module: Distribution.License, contains License type
        formerly from Distribution.Misc.
      - remove Distribution.Misc
      - new module: Distribution.ParseUtils, containing various parsing utilities
        formerly from Distribution.Package, that are re-used in 
      - new module: Distribution.PackageDescription contains everything related
        to PackageDescription, which was formerly in Distribution.Package.
      - Distribution.Package now contains only PackageId-related stuff.
      - Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo: update for use in GHC, add
      - Compat.H98 is now Distribution.Compat.Error (it contained only stuff
        related to the Error monad, which isn't H98 anyway).
      - remove imports of H98 libs (use hierarchical ones instead)
      - configure now detects the GHC version (but doesn't do anything with it... yet)
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