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      call c2hs using the more detailed info · d1ce7140 authored
      we use --output-dir=dist/base
      and --output=<file relative to the search dir it was found in>.hs
      This actually depends on a patch in c2hs to make it treat --output-dir
      in the way we want. That patch will be forthcomming soonish.
      But the point is:
      c2hs --output-dir=dist/base --output=Foo/Bar.hs src/Foo/Bar.chs
      will generate dist/base/Foo/Bar.hs and also dist/base/Foo/Bar.h
      but inside the .hs file it'll reference Foo/Bar.h so when we compile the
      .hs file we have to -Idist/base
      Clear as mud?
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      Generalise PreProcessors to take more detailed args · f55dda73 authored
      Most pre-processors just need the full source file and target file names.
      More complicated ones where the generated files have to embed links to each
      other need more information. For example c2hs generates .hs file that
      reference generated .h files. These links should be relative to the dist/build
      dir and not to the top of the source tree, since we do not want to add -I. to
      the includes search path. We only want to use -Idist/build, hence the embeded
      links must be relative to that. Therefor c2hs needs to know the base output
      directory as well as the name of the file relative to that.
      So we add a new type PreProcessorFull that has this extra info and a function
      simplePP :: :: PreProcessor -> PreProcessorFull
      for the common case of most existing pre-processors that do not need this
      extra info.
      This patch doesn't actually change the c2hs stuff, that comes next.
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      Put pre-processed source into the dist/build dir rather than src dirs · 1007707d authored
      This is generally just a nicer thing to do, we should probably aim to
      not write any files into the source tree at all.
      The main change is in the preprocessModule function. It now takes an extra
      arg which is the destination directory. For now I'm passing the buildDir,
      but we could consider putting pre-processed files into a separate fir
      from where the .o and .hi files end up.
      To work out the correct destination file we need to know not only the source
      file but which of the search dirs it was found in, since the relative file
      name will be the name of the source file relative to the search dir it was
      found in, not the name relative to the top of the source tree. This is so that
      we will be able to find the pre-processed .hs file just by adding dist/build
      to the sources search path when we compile (eg with -i for ghc).
      This almost certainly breaks the sdist thing where pre-processed files get
      included into the tarball. So that'll need looking at.
  14. 20 Apr, 2007 3 commits