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      lots of cvs pulls from Ross, Malcolm, Simon, & Simon · c35d8f5c
      ijones authored
        No reason we shouldn't have Ord on PackageIdentifiers
        Various changes committed in one bunch:
         - bindir/libdir/datadir/libexecdir support as discussed on
   This should be considered fairly
           experimental.  Full documentation in the manual.
         - A module Paths_<pkgname> is autogenerated, you should be able
           to just import this.  (I haven't made this work with Hugs yet, though).
           I suspect I might need to make sure it's available to 'setup haddock'
           too.  Also, I haven't tested this on Windows yet (TODO).
         - All installation-paths-related functions are now provided by
         - some cleaning up of Distribution.Simple.Build as regards GHC support.
         - "setup copy" now takes a --destdir argument instead of --copy-prefix
           (the latter is still accepted for compatibility).
           Note for autoconf/make users: this means that your Makefile now
           needs to implement a "copy" target, see the manual for details.
         - New types: Distribution.Setup.CopyFlags (was previously just a
           pair), and CopyDest (was previously Maybe FilePath).
         - Hooks: the post hooks all take a PackageDescription argument now.
           There seemed no reason not to do this, and sometimes it's useful.
        Remove literal tabs in strings.  Not Haskell'98.
        harmonize running of ./confugure between defaultUserHooks and
        * pass through the same set of flags, plus unrecognized options
        * select the default compiler before processing options
        Fixes for Windows
        added a simple-minded data-files field.  Also added getDataFileName to
        Paths_<pkg> to save client code from worrying about path separators.
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      glob of CVS changes; PError, NHC options,, NHC builds · d1975ee2
      ijones authored
      Authors: Malcolm Wallace, Ross Paterson, Krasimir Angelov
        move createIfNotExists and removeFileRecursive functions from
        Distribution.Simple.Utils to System.Directory. The functions are renamed
        to createDirectoryIfMissing and removeDirectoryRecursive.
        avoid a few GHC warnings
        get IOError stuff from System.IO.Error instead of System.IO
        Minor tweaks to build with nhc98.
        OPTIONS pragma stuff for nhc98 and compat w/ ghc
        Use a custom monad ParseResult for parse results instead of Either PError,
        removing the need for Distribution.Compat.Error and the dependency on mtl.
  10. 30 Nov, 2004 1 commit
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      Huge wad of changes from GHC team · d84d3728
      simonmar authored
      - Rename Compat.* modules to Distribution.Compat.*
      - Add {-# OPTIONS -cpp #-} to a few modules
      - Distribution.Compat.ReadP: use real ReadP in GHC 6.3+
      - new module: Distribution.Extension, contains Extension type
        formerly from Distribution.Misc.
      - new module: Distribution.License, contains License type
        formerly from Distribution.Misc.
      - remove Distribution.Misc
      - new module: Distribution.ParseUtils, containing various parsing utilities
        formerly from Distribution.Package, that are re-used in 
      - new module: Distribution.PackageDescription contains everything related
        to PackageDescription, which was formerly in Distribution.Package.
      - Distribution.Package now contains only PackageId-related stuff.
      - Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo: update for use in GHC, add
      - Compat.H98 is now Distribution.Compat.Error (it contained only stuff
        related to the Error monad, which isn't H98 anyway).
      - remove imports of H98 libs (use hierarchical ones instead)
      - configure now detects the GHC version (but doesn't do anything with it... yet)
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      allModules wasn't used. · 183f554e
      ijones authored
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      moved currentDir into utils · 0d8ee7b8
      ijones authored
      Utils used to depend on Distribution.Package, so Package couldn't
      easily use Utils.  I removed this dependency by moving a couple of
      functions into D.Package, then moved currentDir into Utils where it
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      Remove -DDEBUG from OPTIONS pragmas · 062c13c1
      md9ms authored
      If you don't actually have HUnit installed, it's a pain in the butt
      to pass -i parameters or -package-conf parameters to ghci when you
      just want to check something in a module or another. Makes more sense
      to require -DDEBUG on the command line. Also, I changed the Makefile
      to define -DDEBUG when building moduleTest, so that should still work.
  29. 23 Jul, 2004 1 commit
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      make executables build · d23d418f
      ijones authored
      * lots of work on making executables build
      - added tests case for wash2hs
      - added -i hsSourceDir
      - added build dependencies
      - since we have to fix dependencies at configure time, I added
        executableDeps to localBuildInfo
        (caused change in format for localBuildInfo)
      - added code for actually putting the executables into place.
      * libraries
      - also added check to make sure there are libraries when building &
        installing the archive and such (hasLibs)
      - don't register if hasLibs is false.
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