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  1. 24 Jun, 2012 8 commits
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      Parallelise the install command This is based on Mikhail Glushenkov's patches. · 43e5c8f1
      Duncan Coutts authored
      It adds a '-j N' (= 'number of jobs') option for the 'install' command, which
      can be used to specify the number of concurrent workers. If possible, at most
      N packages will be built concurrently.
      This version of the patch is less featureful than Mikhail's version but also
      rather simpler. The key difference compared to Mikhail's version is that this
      version is lacking the output serialisation and the ability to tag each output
      message with the task it came from. All output is interleaved. The next step
      will be to make parallel builds log to files rather than the console and only
      to display a summary on the console.
      In addition to not having to change the output functions, the code is a bit
      simpler by keep the structure of the code the same as before, rather than
      splitting it into a number of concurrent tasks with channels. Instead each
      task simply executes the same pattern of install actions and concurrency
      limits are enforced using semaphores.
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      InstallPlan: Add a Processing package state. · b0999460
      refold authored
      We don't want 'InstallPlan.ready' to return packages that are currently
      being processed in other threads.
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      Add a '-j' flag for the 'install' command. · f69ff1b0
      refold authored
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      Make a diagnostic more clear. · 2c92e046
      refold authored
      It can be non-obvious why a package is registered more than once.
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      Add -threaded and -rtsopts to cabal-install's ghc-options. · f212b3eb
      refold authored
      We don't want FFI calls to block all Haskell threads, so we need to use the
      threaded runtime; -rtsopts is for experimenting with the number of capabilities.
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      Fix a typo (s/reative/relative/). · 09f98a55
      refold authored
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      Warn when 'cpp-options: -Idir' is used instead of 'include-dirs: dir'. · 63d0242b
      refold authored
      I'm looking at you, ansi-terminal.
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      Fix typos. · 0f24df0f
      refold authored
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      Adapt to change in GHC package db flags. · 9e030da8
      pcapriotti authored
      GHC and ghc-pkg package db flags changed from '*-package-conf' to
      '*-package-db' in 7.5.  This commit follows the change and introduces a
      version check whenever those flags are used.
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