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      Use a more precise package substitution test in improvePlan · 0c063b53
      Duncan Coutts authored
      This is where we take a valid plan and we "improve" it by swapping
      installed packages for available packages wherever possible. This
      change is to the condition we use in deciding if it is safe to use
      the installed package in place of a reinstall. Previously we checked
      that the dependencies of the installed version were exactly the same
      as the dependencies we were planning to reinstall with. That was
      valid but rather conservative. It caused problems in some situations
      where the installed package did not exactly match the available
      package (eg when using development versions of a package or of ghc).
      What we do now is test if the extra constraints implied by selecting
      the installed version are consistent with the existing set of
      constraints. This involves threading the constraint set around. In
      theory this should even cope with adding additional packages to the
      plan as a result of selecting an installed package.
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      Use installed constraints instead of hiding versions of the base package · db38e444
      Duncan Coutts authored
      We want to stop cabal-install from accidentally trying to upgrade
      the base package since this doesn't work in most cases. We used to
      achieve that by deleting the base package from the available package
      index. We now do it by leaving the package index as is and instead
      adding a constraint that we pick only an installed version of base.
      This is a nicer hack and has the potential to give better error
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      Extend the invariant on the Constraints ADT · 11d79f07
      Duncan Coutts authored
      It now carries around the original version of the database
      purely so that it can do a much more extensive consistency
      check. Packages are never gained or lost, just transfered
      between pots in various slightly tricky ways.
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      Fix constraint set handling for installed constraints · bac1eab8
      Duncan Coutts authored
      A rather subtle bug. The code was actually correct but the transitionsTo
      assertion was not accounting for a transition between the case where
      a package's available version had been excluded and then the whole thing
      got excluded by a version constraint. It counted one side as a loss
      without a corresponding gain on the other side.
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