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    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      rejig location of package interfaces for haddock · 88190fe6
      Ross Paterson authored
      Formerly, setup haddock invoked haddock with a --use-package option
      for each prerequisite package, causing haddock to invoke ghc-pkg to
      get the haddock-interfaces and haddock-html fields for each package.
      The former is accurate, but the latter is not what you want if your
      documentation is to be placed on the web.
      Now setup haddock invokes ghc-pkg itself, but if the --html-location
      option is given, its argument is expanded for each package and used
      instead of the haddock-html field.  The results are then assembed as
      --read-interface options for haddock.  For example,
      	setup haddock '--html-location=$pkg/latest/doc/html'
      generates HTML documentation with hyperlinks pointing at the pages on
  8. 13 May, 2007 1 commit
    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      separate build and output directory for Hugs build · d0382615
      Ross Paterson authored
      Hugs requires a separate directory for the output files from the directory
      containing the preprocessed files.  The --scratchdir option now sets the
      former (and thus has an effect only for Hugs).
      This repairs the Hugs build.
  9. 08 Mar, 2007 1 commit
    • Ian Lynagh's avatar
      Tweaks to make Cabal play nicer with haddock · 5be6dffd
      Ian Lynagh authored
      The path for the html docs now includes the package name at the end,
      which works nicer for multiple packages sharing a contents/index.
      Use --ghc-pkg when available (in haddock darcs only currently) to tell
      haddock which ghc-pkg to use.
      Use --allow-missing-html when available (in haddock darcs only
      currently) to tell haddock not to worry if it can't find the HTML for
      packages we depend on. This is necessary when haddocking a group of
      packages before moving them all into place.
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Refactorings only · 49e3cdae
      Simon Marlow authored
      Here are a batch of refactorings to clean up parsing and parts of the
      simple build system.  This patch originated in a patch sent to with an intial implementation of
      configurations.  Since then we decided to go a different route with
      configurations, so I have separated the refactoring from the
      configurations patch.
      At this point, 2 tests fail for me, but I get the same 2 failures
      without this patch.
  14. 10 Jan, 2007 1 commit
    • Ian Lynagh's avatar
      -Wall clean fixes · e2864182
      Ian Lynagh authored
      This patch is sponsored by Hac 07.
      Have you hacked a lambda today?
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    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      revise Paths module for the Hugs target · a61df53f
      Ross Paterson authored
      When targetting Hugs, the Paths module now uses prefix-independent
      paths relative to the location of the Main module of the program,
      on all platforms.
      For the Hugs target, this replaces the code using GetModuleFileNameA(),
      which never worked.  Behaviour under GHC should be unchanged.
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Change default installation dirs for executables on Windows: · ad54f11b
      Simon Marlow authored
        bindir  = $prefix\$pkgid
        datadir = $prefix
        bindir  = $prefix\Haskell\bin
        datadir = $prefix\Haskell
      datasubdir is still $pkgid, so data files for an exectuable will be
      installed in $prefix\Haskell\$pkgid.
      the idea is that all executables are installed in the same directory
      by default, so setting PATH is easier.  Also, data files belonging to
      Haskell programs are grouped together under $prefix\Haskell.
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    • Ross Paterson's avatar
      fix for Hugs · ffdc201c
      Ross Paterson authored
      Add explicit types for a couple of constants to work around Hugs's
      imperfect implementation of the monomorphism restriction.
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    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Better support for packages that need to install header files · dc87abd4
      Simon Marlow authored
      There's a new field for .cabal files: 
           install-includes: foo.h bar.h
      This means the same as 'includes', except that the files named therein
      will be installed into $libdir/include.  'includes' should only be
      used for headers already installed on the system.
      Directories listed in 'include-dirs' still turn into -I options for
      hsc2hs, cpphs, and C compilations.  However, for installation
      purposes, relative directories in 'include-dirs' are now treated
      differently from absolute directories:
        - an absolute directory is copied to the include-dirs field
          of the installed package config
        - files names in install-includes are assumed to be found in
          one of the *relative* directories listed in include-dirs
      So the common pattern for providing a header file that you want to
      be available everywhere including to via-C compilations against this
        include-dirs: myincludes
        install-includes: foo.h
      will install the header file myincludes/foo.h in
  26. 25 Apr, 2006 2 commits
  27. 02 Mar, 2006 1 commit
    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      Support for -split-objs with GHC · bec12a91
      Simon Marlow authored
      New configure option: --enable-split-objs creates libraries using
      -split-objs with GHC (current HEAD or later only, the configure checks
      for version 6.5).  Fixes ticket #19.
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    • ijones's avatar
      modified install --user behavior to include configure --user · b0718b3a
      ijones authored
      If the user configures with --user, that means that they are willing
      to satisfy dependencies from the user databaes.  If that's the case,
      then it really only makes sense to install the package as --user as
      well, since if user A installs configures / builds the package with
      --user, then installs it as root, user B may attempt to use the
      package and not be able to fulfill the dependencies.  Therefore, if
      the package is configured as --user, then we also will call ghc-pkg
      with --user.
      Of course, in this case:
      ./setup configure --user
      ./setup install --global
      Cabal will accept the user's instructions to install this globally,
      however ill conceived.  This changes the type of the install hook,
      btw, since we now need to be able to tell the difference between
      passing the --global flag and not passing any flag.
      Any objections to this change?
  31. 31 Oct, 2005 1 commit
    • ijones's avatar
      cvs pulls from krasimir and ross · a8bea1a5
      ijones authored
      * Ross
        ghcconfig.h is not needed for GHC >= 6.4
        update library links for haddock 0.7 (in Cabal.xml)
      * Krasimir
        * The sentence:
          An error will be returned from <literal>setup configure</literal> if
          this is not the case.
        is replaced with:
          If this is not the case then the compiled executable will have baked
          in all absolute paths.
        * The previous implementation for Paths_<pkgid>.hs building was broken on Windows.
        The prefixRel function was expecting that all bindir/libdir/datadir/... paths
        are $prefix relative but the corresponding functions (mkBinDir/mkLibDir/...)
        was returning absolute paths with expanded $path variable. This commit fixes
        the bug and also:
           * In LocalBuildInfo are added mkLibDirRel/mkBinDirRel/... functions. They
        return the corresponding but without the $prefix part. When the path isn't
        prefix relative then they return Nothing
           * The restriction that all paths on Windows are $prefix relative is removed.
           * The code in Paths_<pkgid>.hs can contain both absolute and prefix relative
        paths. When the package is configured only with $prefix relative paths then
        the generated executable will be prefix independent and can be moved from one
        directory to another.
        * Paths_<pkg>.hs was generated before each build and this was causing GHC to
        rebuild the package each time. Now it is generated only when it is older than
        * Change the foreign import syntax to use the standard FFI syntax
        * Two changes to HADDOCK support:
            - In the last version only the exposed modules were passed to haddock.
        In order to generate proper documentation all modules should be processed
        from haddock but the non exposed modules should be hiden.
            - Added support for executable packages in Haddock.
  32. 16 Oct, 2005 2 commits
    • ijones's avatar
      fixed conflicts w/ merged changes · 02db67aa
      ijones authored
    • ijones's avatar
      lots of cvs pulls from Ross, Malcolm, Simon, & Simon · c35d8f5c
      ijones authored
        No reason we shouldn't have Ord on PackageIdentifiers
        Various changes committed in one bunch:
         - bindir/libdir/datadir/libexecdir support as discussed on
   This should be considered fairly
           experimental.  Full documentation in the manual.
         - A module Paths_<pkgname> is autogenerated, you should be able
           to just import this.  (I haven't made this work with Hugs yet, though).
           I suspect I might need to make sure it's available to 'setup haddock'
           too.  Also, I haven't tested this on Windows yet (TODO).
         - All installation-paths-related functions are now provided by
         - some cleaning up of Distribution.Simple.Build as regards GHC support.
         - "setup copy" now takes a --destdir argument instead of --copy-prefix
           (the latter is still accepted for compatibility).
           Note for autoconf/make users: this means that your Makefile now
           needs to implement a "copy" target, see the manual for details.
         - New types: Distribution.Setup.CopyFlags (was previously just a
           pair), and CopyDest (was previously Maybe FilePath).
         - Hooks: the post hooks all take a PackageDescription argument now.
           There seemed no reason not to do this, and sometimes it's useful.
        Remove literal tabs in strings.  Not Haskell'98.
        harmonize running of ./confugure between defaultUserHooks and
        * pass through the same set of flags, plus unrecognized options
        * select the default compiler before processing options
        Fixes for Windows
        added a simple-minded data-files field.  Also added getDataFileName to
        Paths_<pkg> to save client code from worrying about path separators.
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