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  1. 21 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  2. 13 Mar, 2020 1 commit
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      Add RepoName newtype · 2d0080cb
      Oleg Grenrus authored
      Make it, LocalRepo, RemoteRepo, IndexState and Timestamp use
      Pretty/Parsec instead of Text
      Mostly adding `unRepoName` to error printing statements
  3. 18 Jan, 2020 1 commit
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      Solver: Pair conflict set variables with more information about conflicts. · ac84fa2f
      kristenk authored
      Closes #4805.
      This commit adds a solver optimization to skip a version of a package if it does
      not resolve any of the conflicts encountered in the last version of that package.
      It is on by default and is controlled by the flag --fine-grained-conflicts.
      Conflict sets allow the solver to skip other versions of a package if that
      package wasn't involved in a conflict.  What if the package was involved in a
      conflict, but the other versions of the package don't resolve the conflict?  The
      solver should be able to skip the other versions in that case, too.  This commit
      adds more information about why each variable was added to the conflict set to
      make that possible.  The optimization is based on the assumption that the next
      version of a package is likely to have similar dependencies and constraints to
      the last version that was tried.
      Here is an example where --fine-grained-conflicts is more effective than
      backjumping alone:
      Package A-1.2 depends on B, and all versions of B depend on C. C is not
      available in the package index.  Previously, the solver would have had to try
      all combinations of versions for A and B until it found a combination that
      avoided the dependency on C.  With --fine-grained-conflicts, the solver only
      needs to try A-1.2 and each version of B to know that there is no solution for B
      at this point in the search tree.  Then the solver can skip A-1.1 if it also
      depends on B.  Here is the log:
      [__0] trying: A-1.2 (user goal)
      [__1] trying: B-5.0 (dependency of A)
      [__2] unknown package: C (dependency of B)
      [__2] fail (backjumping, conflict set: B, C)
      [__1] skipping: B-4.0, B-3.0, B-2.0, B-1.0 (has the same characteristics that caused the previous version to fail: depends on 'C')
      [__1] fail (backjumping, conflict set: A, B, C)
      [__0] skipping: A-1.1, A-1.0 (has the same characteristics that caused the previous version to fail: depends on 'B')
      [__0] trying: A-8.0
      [__1] done
      This commit changes the type that is used for conflict sets from 'Set (Var QPN)'
      to 'Map (Var QPN) (Set Conflict)', where 'Conflict' represents a single conflict
      that caused a variable to be added to the conflict set. 'Conflict' currently
      handles three types of conflicts, though more could be added in the future:
      1. The package excluded a specific version of one of its dependencies.
      2. A version of the package was excluded by a constraint from one of its reverse
      3. The package depends on a package that led to conflicts.
      'Conflict' also has an 'OtherConflict' data constructor, which covers every
      other conflict and can never cause a version to be skipped.
      Since conflicts are paired with variables in the conflict set, they propagate up
      the search tree using the same logic as conflict sets.  When conflict sets are
      unioned, the conflicts for each variable are also unioned.
      During backjumping, the solver checks whether each version of a package can be
      skipped by looking up the conflicts for its variable in the previous conflict
      set (unless it is the first version to be tried).  A version can only be skipped
      when it does not resolve any of the previous conflicts.
      One important design choice for this optimization was whether the information
      that is paired with conflict set variables should be limited to characteristics
      of the current package's .cabal file.  For example, when package X has a dependency
      "Y >= 1.2 && < 1.3" and the constraint conflicts with Y-1.4, X's conflict could
      be described in two ways:
      1. (limited to characteristics of X) X has a constraint on Y that is as
         restrictive as ">= 1.2 && < 1.3".
      2. (free to reference other packages) X excludes version 1.4 of Y.
      Referencing other packages is more powerful because it allows the description of
      the conflict to be more precise, which lets the solver skip more versions.  In
      the example above, the solver could skip a version of X containing the
      dependency "Y >= 1.1 && < 1.2" with the description in (2) but not with the
      description in (1).
      The downside of referencing other packages is that the logic is more complex.
      When the solver skips a version because if doesn't resolve the previous
      conflicts, it cannot simply reuse the previous conflict set.  The solver may
      need to add more conflicts specific to the version that was skipped.  For
      example, when the solver skips the second version of X above, it needs to add a
      conflict saying that Y was rejected by the constraint "Y >= 1.1 && < 1.2".
      This commit implements the design where conflicts can reference other packages.
      Results from running hackage-benchmark on master at
      0d4ee7ba (cabal1) and this branch (cabal2):
      Index-state: 2019-12-09T07:37:06Z
      Compiler: GHC 8.6.5
      Additional benchmark flags: --min-run-time-percentage-difference-to-rerun=10
      package                                        result1        result2              mean1       mean2     stddev1     stddev2     speedup
      AERN-RnToRm-Plot                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.516s      3.049s      0.031s      0.028s      1.153
      AutoForms                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       8.705s      3.477s      0.054s      0.039s      2.504
      BASIC                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.073s      2.708s      0.027s      0.028s      1.135
      Blobs                                          Solution       Solution            5.037s      3.490s      0.041s      0.036s      1.443
      CMCompare                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.311s      3.345s      0.030s      0.038s      1.289
      CSPM-Interpreter                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.357s      3.051s      0.025s      0.027s      1.100
      CSPM-cspm                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.357s      2.910s      0.021s      0.029s      1.153
      Cartesian                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.080s      3.483s      0.034s      0.024s      1.171
      Chart-simple                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.062s      3.677s      0.032s      0.033s      1.377
      Elm                                            BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      13.716s      4.847s      0.079s      0.026s      2.830
      Eternal10Seconds                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.758s      2.609s      0.046s      0.052s      1.057
      Gamgine                                        Solution       Solution            4.336s      3.451s      0.029s      0.030s      1.256
      GeBoP                                          Solution       Solution            5.002s      3.780s      0.026s      0.022s      1.323
      GenI                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.971s      3.213s      0.036s      0.073s      1.547
      Graphalyze                                     Solution       Solution            8.627s      4.698s      0.045s      0.035s      1.836
      GuiTV                                          BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       8.704s      6.072s      0.059s      0.036s      1.434
      HGamer3D                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.073s      2.722s      0.022s      0.035s      1.129
      HGamer3D-Ogre-Binding                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.443s      2.787s      0.038s      0.028s      1.235
      HGamer3D-SFML-Binding                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.144s      2.712s      0.023s      0.047s      1.159
      HPlot                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.337s      2.826s      0.026s      0.022s      1.181
      HROOT                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.544s      3.168s      0.019s      0.037s      1.119
      HROOT-graf                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.418s      3.092s      0.035s      0.036s      1.105
      HaRe                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.599s      2.989s      0.032s      0.026s      1.204
      Hieroglyph                                     Solution       Solution            4.089s      3.299s      0.018s      0.019s      1.240
      HipmunkPlayground                              Solution       Solution            3.393s      3.002s      0.049s      0.031s      1.130
      INblobs                                        BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.427s      3.697s      0.035s      0.039s      1.738
      JsonGrammar                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.080s      2.756s      0.044s      0.035s      1.118
      Michelangelo                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.511s      3.573s      0.028s      0.035s      1.263
      Monaris                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.914s      2.966s      0.028s      0.036s      1.319
      Nomyx-Language                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.295s      2.767s      0.026s      0.028s      1.191
      Nomyx-Rules                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.273s      2.777s      0.020s      0.031s      1.179
      OpenVG                                         Solution       Solution            3.541s      3.092s      0.021s      0.021s      1.145
      QuickPlot                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.672s      3.210s      0.023s      0.023s      1.144
      SourceGraph                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.356s      4.533s      0.049s      0.056s      1.402
      Spock-auth                                     Solution       Solution            4.613s      4.150s      0.026s      0.030s      1.112
      TBC                                            Solution       Solution            3.318s      2.882s      0.012s      0.019s      1.151
      WXDiffCtrl                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.880s      3.523s      0.025s      0.028s      1.385
      WaveFront                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.793s      3.746s      0.039s      0.022s      1.547
      WxGeneric                                      BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.340s      3.612s      0.043s      0.029s      1.755
      accelerate-cuda                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.312s      3.287s      0.040s      0.027s      1.920
      acme-everything                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.252s      5.737s      0.034s      0.050s      1.090
      aeson-bson                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.411s      2.811s      0.019s      0.022s      1.214
      ag-pictgen                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.306s      2.743s      0.028s      0.029s      1.205
      alga                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.290s      2.836s      0.017s      0.032s      1.160
      alsa-gui                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.237s      3.333s      0.020s      0.028s      1.271
      ampersand                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.360s      2.949s      0.026s      0.025s      1.139
      analyze-client                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.395s      2.788s      0.019s      0.025s      1.218
      anansi-pandoc                                  Solution       Solution            4.766s      3.869s      0.034s      0.042s      1.232
      apiary-clientsession                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.434s      3.016s      0.029s      0.036s      1.470
      apiary-cookie                                  BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       5.106s      2.952s      0.037s      0.026s      1.730
      applicative-parsec                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.429s      2.998s      0.032s      0.034s      1.144
      asic                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.278s      2.868s      0.024s      0.027s      1.143
      asil                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.348s      2.991s      0.029s      0.035s      1.454
      astview                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.317s      2.768s      0.031s      0.037s      1.198
      attoparsec-enumerator                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.952s      2.695s      0.026s      0.013s      1.096
      audiovisual                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.305s      2.875s      0.028s      0.032s      1.149
      aws-configuration-tools                        Solution       Solution            4.445s      3.955s      0.031s      0.029s      1.124
      aws-kinesis                                    Solution       Solution            3.995s      3.544s      0.034s      0.024s      1.127
      aws-kinesis-client                             Solution       Solution            5.820s      5.270s      0.029s      0.034s      1.104
      aws-performance-tests                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.495s      3.796s      0.032s      0.018s      1.184
      azure-servicebus                               BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.367s      3.754s      0.049s      0.035s      1.696
      babylon                                        Solution       Solution            5.028s      3.652s      0.017s      0.031s      1.377
      bamboo                                         BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       9.642s      4.139s      0.074s      0.041s      2.330
      bamboo-plugin-highlight                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.368s      2.933s      0.034s      0.017s      1.830
      battleships                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.884s      3.155s      0.031s      0.036s      1.231
      bein                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.652s      3.267s      0.031s      0.021s      1.118
      binding-wx                                     Solution       Solution            5.070s      3.630s      0.047s      0.038s      1.397
      birch-beer                                     BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       9.469s      4.206s      0.046s      0.032s      2.251
      blosum                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.354s      2.734s      0.039s      0.025s      1.227
      bluetile                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.593s      3.043s      0.028s      0.041s      1.181
      bulmex                                         Solution       Solution            5.087s      4.474s      0.037s      0.031s      1.137
      cabal-upload                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.930s      2.668s      0.028s      0.024s      1.098
      category-extras                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.417s      2.916s      0.026s      0.020s      1.172
      cellrenderer-cairo                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.168s      2.756s      0.029s      0.038s      1.150
      celtchar                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.298s      3.373s      0.018s      0.030s      1.274
      chu2                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.795s      2.825s      0.038s      0.029s      1.343
      citeproc-hs-pandoc-filter                      BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      10.445s      4.403s      0.028s      0.022s      2.372
      cj-token                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.258s      3.235s      0.034s      0.059s      1.316
      claferwiki                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.508s      4.316s      0.027s      0.029s      1.276
      clash-systemverilog                            Solution       Solution            7.246s      4.862s      0.050s      0.033s      1.490
      clash-verilog                                  Solution       Solution            7.218s      4.853s      0.058s      0.038s      1.487
      clash-vhdl                                     Solution       Solution            7.227s      4.853s      0.036s      0.039s      1.489
      clckwrks-dot-com                               BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       9.000s      4.187s      0.041s      0.033s      2.150
      clckwrks-plugin-bugs                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.190s      2.742s      0.023s      0.012s      1.163
      clckwrks-theme-bootstrap                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.882s      4.353s      0.037s      0.024s      1.121
      clckwrks-theme-clckwrks                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.525s      3.967s      0.026s      0.023s      1.141
      clustertools                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.039s      2.764s      0.033s      0.037s      1.100
      codex                                          Solution       Solution            4.980s      4.430s      0.030s      0.020s      1.124
      combinator-interactive                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.495s      3.131s      0.021s      0.023s      1.435
      computational-algebra                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.601s      3.233s      0.063s      0.018s      1.423
      concraft-pl                                    BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       9.683s      5.402s      0.053s      0.031s      1.793
      containers-benchmark                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.651s      2.688s      0.011s      0.029s      1.358
      cqrs-example                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.295s      2.849s      0.041s      0.030s      1.157
      csv-enumerator                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.344s      2.742s      0.034s      0.026s      1.584
      darcsden                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.133s      4.395s      0.038s      0.038s      1.395
      data-object-yaml                               Unbuildable    Unbuildable         3.579s      2.921s      0.025s      0.024s      1.225
      dephd                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.041s      2.763s      0.020s      0.024s      1.101
      diagrams-wx                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.297s      2.905s      0.020s      0.041s      1.135
      dialog                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.014s      3.061s      0.032s      0.046s      1.311
      digestive-functors-scotty                      BackjumpLimit  Solution            6.666s      3.443s      0.026s      0.030s      1.936
      dingo-core                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.406s      2.821s      0.032s      0.043s      1.207
      distribution-plot                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.446s      3.102s      0.026s      0.017s      1.111
      diversity                                      BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.946s      3.222s      0.034s      0.030s      2.156
      dow                                            Solution       Solution            3.260s      2.950s      0.049s      0.028s      1.105
      dwarfadt                                       Solution       Solution            4.500s      4.010s      0.061s      0.030s      1.122
      effect-handlers                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.400s      2.982s      0.031s      0.025s      1.140
      elm-get                                        BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      14.550s      6.523s      0.060s      0.026s      2.231
      elm-reactor                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.722s      3.177s      0.021s      0.034s      1.486
      elm-repl                                       BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      13.642s      5.149s      0.049s      0.028s      2.649
      elm-server                                     BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      11.681s      7.027s      0.020s      0.031s      1.662
      enumerator-fd                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.304s      2.757s      0.021s      0.033s      1.198
      eventful-postgresql                            Solution       Solution            4.152s      3.538s      0.042s      0.025s      1.174
      eventful-sqlite                                Solution       Solution            4.069s      3.386s      0.038s      0.038s      1.202
      ez-couch                                       Solution       Solution            4.356s      3.634s      0.024s      0.020s      1.199
      family-tree                                    Solution       Solution            4.573s      3.522s      0.048s      0.018s      1.298
      fasta                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.754s      2.925s      0.028s      0.031s      1.625
      fb-persistent                                  BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      14.438s      3.909s      0.088s      0.033s      3.693
      festung                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       9.126s      3.914s      0.048s      0.027s      2.332
      fibon                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.856s      2.593s      0.031s      0.048s      1.102
      filesystem-enumerator                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.198s      2.762s      0.019s      0.023s      1.158
      forml                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       9.324s      5.014s      0.039s      0.052s      1.859
      foscam-sort                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.178s      3.306s      0.013s      0.039s      1.264
      fpco-api                                       BackjumpLimit  Solution           12.008s      6.003s      0.053s      0.025s      2.000
      geek-server                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       8.774s      3.491s      0.041s      0.020s      2.513
      geni-gui                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.212s      3.488s      0.027s      0.018s      1.781
      ghc-vis                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.731s      3.203s      0.021s      0.021s      1.165
      ghcjs-dom-hello                                Solution       Solution            7.211s      6.613s      0.122s      0.179s      1.090
      ghcjs-dom-webkit                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.717s      3.343s      0.034s      0.031s      1.112
      ghclive                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.898s      3.761s      0.043s      0.032s      1.834
      github-backup                                  BackjumpLimit  Solution            9.061s      4.806s      0.040s      0.039s      1.885
      gmndl                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.953s      3.935s      0.035s      0.032s      1.259
      gnome-desktop                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.154s      2.730s      0.039s      0.031s      1.155
      goal-core                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.947s      3.474s      0.028s      0.018s      1.136
      google-drive                                   BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.119s      3.896s      0.032s      0.042s      1.571
      gps2htmlReport                                 Solution       Solution            4.577s      4.126s      0.051s      0.041s      1.109
      graphicstools                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.915s      3.174s      0.025s      0.047s      1.549
      gruff                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.891s      3.281s      0.032s      0.035s      1.186
      gtk-mac-integration                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.343s      2.952s      0.016s      0.023s      1.132
      gtk2hs-cast-glade                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.097s      2.760s      0.021s      0.022s      1.122
      gtk2hs-cast-gnomevfs                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.038s      2.702s      0.039s      0.025s      1.124
      gtk2hs-cast-gtkglext                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.421s      2.962s      0.029s      0.040s      1.155
      gtk2hs-cast-gtksourceview2                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.947s      3.117s      0.031s      0.028s      1.267
      gtk3-mac-integration                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.488s      2.983s      0.025s      0.037s      1.170
      gtkrsync                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.226s      2.776s      0.016s      0.038s      1.162
      hack-handler-evhttp                            BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       5.497s      3.269s      0.040s      0.016s      1.682
      hack-handler-simpleserver                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.699s      2.999s      0.017s      0.017s      1.233
      hack-middleware-cleanpath                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.359s      2.918s      0.022s      0.017s      1.151
      hack-middleware-clientsession                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.297s      2.903s      0.034s      0.022s      1.136
      hack-middleware-jsonp                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.350s      2.794s      0.016s      0.021s      1.199
      hack2-handler-happstack-server                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.317s      2.741s      0.022s      0.017s      1.210
      hails                                          Solution       Solution            6.896s      4.685s      0.046s      0.030s      1.472
      hakyll-blaze-templates                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.205s      2.815s      0.033s      0.015s      1.139
      hakyll-contrib-elm                             Solution       Solution            8.337s      6.351s      0.063s      0.030s      1.313
      hakyll-ogmarkup                                BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      16.596s      4.848s      0.057s      0.052s      3.423
      halipeto                                       Solution       Solution            3.868s      4.575s      0.047s      0.018s      0.845
      happindicator                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.122s      2.723s      0.045s      0.034s      1.147
      happs-tutorial                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.653s      2.846s      0.023s      0.028s      1.284
      happstack                                      BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.011s      3.000s      0.030s      0.032s      2.004
      happstack-clientsession                        BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       7.294s      3.242s      0.026s      0.019s      2.250
      happstack-data                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.156s      2.791s      0.030s      0.025s      1.131
      happstack-dlg                                  Solution       Solution            3.289s      2.886s      0.022s      0.027s      1.140
      happstack-facebook                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.560s      2.822s      0.024s      0.040s      1.261
      happstack-hamlet                               BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.364s      3.425s      0.023s      0.022s      1.858
      happstack-heist                                BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       5.232s      2.974s      0.033s      0.020s      1.759
      happstack-helpers                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.138s      2.972s      0.034s      0.034s      1.393
      happstack-hstringtemplate                      BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       5.636s      3.080s      0.027s      0.023s      1.830
      happstack-lite                                 BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       7.494s      3.648s      0.044s      0.024s      2.054
      happstack-server-tls-cryptonite                BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       8.341s      3.788s      0.040s      0.023s      2.202
      haskell-pdf-presenter                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.254s      2.737s      0.014s      0.024s      1.189
      haskellscrabble                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.524s      2.918s      0.025s      0.025s      1.550
      haste-perch                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.711s      3.244s      0.021s      0.024s      1.144
      hawitter                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.288s      2.810s      0.025s      0.047s      1.170
      hbro                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       8.560s      4.254s      0.067s      0.078s      2.012
      hbro-contrib                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.557s      4.295s      0.039s      0.024s      1.527
      heatitup-complete                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.143s      2.731s      0.023s      0.035s      1.151
      hedgehog-checkers-lens                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.861s      2.900s      0.032s      0.016s      1.331
      hellage                                        BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       5.914s      2.990s      0.029s      0.036s      1.978
      hellnet                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.260s      2.909s      0.024s      0.038s      1.465
      hermes                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.062s      3.265s      0.032s      0.023s      1.550
      hesh                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.225s      3.286s      0.031s      0.029s      1.286
      hfiar                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.268s      3.140s      0.034s      0.051s      1.996
      hissmetrics                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.089s      2.768s      0.058s      0.028s      1.116
      hist-pl                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.379s      2.816s      0.028s      0.027s      1.200
      hledger-chart                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.162s      2.732s      0.039s      0.025s      1.158
      hledger-vty                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.335s      2.756s      0.067s      0.020s      1.210
      hoodle                                         BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      20.758s      5.907s      0.155s      0.033s      3.514
      hoodle-core                                    BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      19.462s      5.314s      0.160s      0.085s      3.662
      hoodle-publish                                 BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      13.920s      4.536s      0.089s      0.029s      3.069
      hoodle-render                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan      11.423s      4.392s      0.042s      0.040s      2.601
      hpage                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.998s      3.458s      0.034s      0.033s      2.024
      hplayground                                    BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       7.878s      4.227s      0.044s      0.030s      1.864
      hs-pkpass                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.191s      2.789s      0.027s      0.030s      1.144
      hsignal                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.489s      2.854s      0.031s      0.027s      1.223
      hspresent                                      Solution       Solution            3.330s      2.799s      0.027s      0.032s      1.190
      hstzaar                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.422s      2.797s      0.032s      0.029s      1.223
      http-client-lens                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.381s      2.940s      0.023s      0.042s      1.150
      http-client-session                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.241s      2.919s      0.036s      0.025s      1.110
      hums                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.899s      3.336s      0.031s      0.030s      1.169
      hunt-server                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.311s      2.909s      0.021s      0.029s      1.138
      hxournal                                       BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.425s      3.054s      0.073s      0.033s      2.104
      hyakko                                         Solution       Solution            4.903s      3.872s      0.024s      0.021s      1.266
      hyperpublic                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.755s      2.565s      0.032s      0.039s      1.074
      i3blocks-hs-contrib                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.391s      2.958s      0.023s      0.023s      1.146
      ideas-math                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.040s      2.734s      0.021s      0.024s      1.112
      imprevu-happstack                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.456s      3.076s      0.024s      0.037s      1.123
      instapaper-sender                              Solution       Solution            4.099s      3.635s      0.037s      0.015s      1.128
      iptadmin                                       BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       5.964s      3.152s      0.037s      0.050s      1.892
      isotope                                        Solution       Solution            3.284s      2.856s      0.032s      0.031s      1.150
      jbi                                            Solution       Solution            3.387s      3.076s      0.026s      0.013s      1.101
      jsaddle-hello                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.635s      3.209s      0.041s      0.029s      1.133
      json-pointer-hasql                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.663s      3.385s      0.036s      0.020s      1.968
      kawaii                                         Solution       Solution            8.740s      5.624s      0.025s      0.028s      1.554
      keera-hails-reactive-wx                        Solution       Solution            5.056s      3.656s      0.032s      0.023s      1.383
      kevin                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.316s      2.783s      0.030s      0.027s      1.191
      lambdabot-xmpp                                 Solution       Solution            6.170s      5.441s      0.038s      0.034s      1.134
      lambdacube-bullet                              Solution       Solution            3.396s      3.114s      0.037s      0.051s      1.090
      lambdacube-engine                              Solution       Solution            3.322s      2.973s      0.020s      0.027s      1.117
      lambdiff                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.804s      2.906s      0.024s      0.037s      1.309
      language-ninja                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.051s      2.711s      0.061s      0.029s      1.125
      language-spelling                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.232s      2.768s      0.025s      0.025s      1.168
      layers-game                                    Solution       Solution            3.797s      3.279s      0.027s      0.042s      1.158
      leaky                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.668s      2.997s      0.030s      0.037s      1.224
      leksah                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.632s      3.379s      0.036s      0.039s      1.371
      lhc                                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.148s      2.876s      0.063s      0.033s      1.095
      list-t-attoparsec                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.583s      3.129s      0.020s      0.029s      1.145
      list-t-html-parser                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.721s      3.011s      0.025s      0.023s      1.236
      liveplot                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.542s      2.826s      0.024s      0.036s      1.253
      llvm-general                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.325s      3.058s      0.028s      0.024s      1.087
      log                                            BackjumpLimit  Solution            7.669s      4.420s      0.039s      0.026s      1.735
      loli                                           BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       5.683s      2.835s      0.024s      0.028s      2.004
      lsystem                                        BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.314s      3.683s      0.043s      0.023s      1.714
      maid                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.421s      2.859s      0.024s      0.027s      1.547
      manatee                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.418s      3.353s      0.021s      0.035s      1.616
      manatee-all                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.651s      3.139s      0.022s      0.033s      1.163
      manatee-browser                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.275s      2.855s      0.033s      0.020s      1.147
      manatee-curl                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.341s      2.826s      0.048s      0.036s      1.182
      manatee-editor                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.577s      2.843s      0.023s      0.025s      1.258
      manatee-filemanager                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.685s      2.804s      0.021s      0.013s      1.314
      manatee-imageviewer                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.698s      2.835s      0.019s      0.030s      1.304
      manatee-mplayer                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.136s      2.794s      0.021s      0.025s      1.122
      manatee-pdfviewer                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.458s      2.828s      0.036s      0.029s      1.223
      manatee-reader                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.283s      2.813s      0.026s      0.020s      1.167
      manatee-terminal                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.153s      2.764s      0.023s      0.037s      1.141
      mangopay                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.226s      2.896s      0.028s      0.029s      1.114
      markup-preview                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.598s      3.678s      0.024s      0.052s      1.250
      matlab                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.323s      2.793s      0.023s      0.037s      1.190
      matsuri                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.537s      2.791s      0.032s      0.030s      1.268
      mdcat                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.085s      2.954s      0.036s      0.038s      1.383
      mediabus-fdk-aac                               BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      10.903s      4.132s      0.049s      0.018s      2.639
      mellon-web                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       7.345s      3.736s      0.017s      0.034s      1.966
      messente                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.698s      3.269s      0.021s      0.035s      1.437
      micrologger                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.700s      3.296s      0.038s      0.041s      1.123
      midimory                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.143s      3.483s      0.054s      0.028s      1.476
      minesweeper                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.414s      2.836s      0.024s      0.018s      1.204
      modify-fasta                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.678s      2.791s      0.027s      0.017s      1.676
      mongodb-queue                                  BackjumpLimit  Solution            7.015s      3.780s      0.044s      0.031s      1.856
      monoids                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.918s      2.805s      0.029s      0.042s      1.397
      music-parts                                    Solution       Solution            3.962s      3.598s      0.028s      0.035s      1.101
      music-util                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.276s      2.983s      0.023s      0.040s      1.433
      mxnet-dataiter                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.655s      3.231s      0.041s      0.032s      1.131
      netease-fm                                     Solution       Solution            3.526s      3.079s      0.019s      0.031s      1.145
      nomyx-language                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.482s      3.074s      0.030s      0.045s      1.133
      notmuch-web                                    BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      14.552s      5.956s      0.046s      0.047s      2.443
      null-canvas                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.468s      2.938s      0.031s      0.033s      1.521
      nymphaea                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.258s      2.794s      0.020s      0.035s      1.166
      orchestrate                                    BackjumpLimit  Solution           11.511s      5.146s      0.068s      0.045s      2.237
      ot                                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.152s      2.862s      0.059s      0.038s      1.101
      panda                                          BackjumpLimit  Solution           10.148s      5.647s      0.047s      0.039s      1.797
      paypal-api                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.297s      2.844s      0.014s      0.037s      1.159
      pdf-slave-server                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.578s      3.197s      0.018s      0.048s      1.119
      perceptual-hash                                Solution       Solution            5.804s      3.876s      0.043s      0.023s      1.498
      persistent-protobuf                            Solution       Solution            4.072s      3.175s      0.027s      0.036s      1.283
      pgdl                                           Solution       Solution            4.226s      3.682s      0.023s      0.021s      1.148
      phooey                                         BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       8.662s      4.400s      0.046s      0.039s      1.969
      pinpon                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.546s      4.047s      0.052s      0.018s      1.371
      pipes-conduit                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.804s      2.671s      0.026s      0.044s      1.050
      pipes-transduce                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.665s      2.876s      0.022s      0.019s      1.274
      planet-mitchell                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.629s      3.785s      0.016s      0.029s      1.223
      plot-gtk                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.754s      2.916s      0.019s      0.018s      1.630
      plot-gtk3                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.439s      2.987s      0.026s      0.018s      1.151
      pontarius-mediaserver                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.308s      2.873s      0.064s      0.016s      1.152
      pontarius-xpmn                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.389s      2.905s      0.028s      0.017s      1.167
      poppler                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.933s      3.420s      0.036s      0.031s      1.150
      portager                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.512s      3.100s      0.032s      0.042s      1.133
      postgrest-ws                                   BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      11.707s      4.717s      0.089s      0.045s      2.482
      primula-bot                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.676s      2.886s      0.023s      0.034s      1.274
      printcess                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.957s      3.137s      0.025s      0.037s      1.261
      process-streaming                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.727s      3.392s      0.040s      0.027s      1.393
      proplang                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.375s      2.835s      0.043s      0.042s      1.191
      purescript-tsd-gen                             Solution       Solution            4.792s      4.273s      0.038s      0.032s      1.121
      push-notify                                    BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       9.536s      4.017s      0.046s      0.033s      2.374
      pushme                                         Solution       Solution            8.693s      4.317s      0.030s      0.025s      2.014
      quickbooks                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.061s      3.346s      0.016s      0.034s      1.811
      quiver-http                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.405s      3.042s      0.030s      0.028s      1.119
      rail-compiler-editor                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       7.381s      2.987s      0.027s      0.022s      2.471
      rasa-ext-slate                                 Solution       Solution            3.755s      3.351s      0.032s      0.026s      1.121
      react-haskell                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.053s      3.391s      0.023s      0.032s      1.490
      reactive                                       Solution       Solution            4.323s      2.926s      0.029s      0.029s      1.477
      reactive-banana-wx                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.913s      3.508s      0.049s      0.022s      1.686
      reactive-fieldtrip                             BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.739s      3.095s      0.028s      0.045s      2.177
      reactive-glut                                  BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.486s      2.890s      0.036s      0.026s      2.244
      reflex-dom-colonnade                           Solution       Solution            7.034s      6.734s      0.194s      0.190s      1.045
      remote-json-server                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.614s      3.016s      0.043s      0.036s      1.198
      rest-client                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.268s      2.909s      0.027s      0.025s      1.123
      restful-snap                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.956s      3.476s      0.035s      0.028s      1.138
      rhythm-game-tutorial                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.855s      3.300s      0.027s      0.016s      1.168
      rob                                            Solution       Solution            3.754s      3.389s      0.024s      0.034s      1.108
      roguestar-gl                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.305s      2.762s      0.027s      0.048s      1.197
      route-generator                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.435s      2.731s      0.040s      0.014s      1.258
      rsagl-frp                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.306s      2.854s      0.039s      0.010s      1.158
      scotty-rest                                    Solution       Solution            4.081s      3.504s      0.031s      0.045s      1.165
      semdoc                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.163s      3.529s      0.018s      0.033s      1.179
      seqloc-datafiles                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.364s      3.127s      0.054s      0.028s      1.395
      servant-auth-cookie                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.296s      2.934s      0.019s      0.020s      1.123
      servant-auth-swagger                           Solution       Solution            3.772s      3.460s      0.025s      0.024s      1.090
      servant-auth-token                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.191s      3.607s      0.029s      0.022s      1.162
      servant-auth-token-leveldb                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.018s      3.612s      0.022s      0.033s      1.112
      servant-examples                               BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      12.497s      3.746s      0.059s      0.039s      3.336
      serversession-frontend-yesod                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.050s      2.810s      0.029s      0.037s      1.086
      sgrep                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.000s      2.716s      0.021s      0.025s      1.104
      shuffle                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.196s      2.863s      0.019s      0.035s      1.116
      simpleprelude                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.788s      2.601s      0.030s      0.062s      1.072
      slidemews                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.108s      2.808s      0.027s      0.037s      1.107
      smtps-gmail                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.327s      2.962s      0.030s      0.028s      1.123
      snap-auth-cli                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.978s      3.310s      0.037s      0.029s      1.202
      snap-elm                                       BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      12.454s      4.631s      0.052s      0.020s      2.690
      snap-web-routes                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.382s      2.973s      0.028s      0.030s      1.137
      snaplet-acid-state                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.487s      2.913s      0.021s      0.017s      1.197
      snaplet-actionlog                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.142s      3.330s      0.019s      0.031s      1.244
      snaplet-coffee                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.566s      3.543s      0.036s      0.032s      1.289
      snaplet-css-min                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.301s      2.971s      0.029s      0.020s      1.784
      snaplet-customauth                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.249s      3.591s      0.025s      0.037s      1.183
      snaplet-fay                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.656s      3.071s      0.033s      0.015s      1.191
      snaplet-hasql                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.973s      4.184s      0.030s      0.035s      1.666
      snaplet-mysql-simple                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.670s      2.961s      0.024s      0.016s      1.239
      snaplet-persistent                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.576s      4.441s      0.032s      0.032s      1.481
      snaplet-redson                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.975s      2.701s      0.028s      0.012s      1.101
      snaplet-sedna                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.784s      4.431s      0.020s      0.035s      0.854
      snaplet-sqlite-simple                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.695s      3.032s      0.046s      0.018s      1.219
      socketio                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.091s      2.779s      0.032s      0.033s      1.112
      soegtk                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.315s      3.013s      0.027s      0.019s      1.100
      spike                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.340s      2.770s      0.028s      0.017s      1.206
      ssh-tunnel                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.988s      2.749s      0.017s      0.028s      1.087
      sssp                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.701s      3.209s      0.025s      0.033s      1.153
      stack-run-auto                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.384s      4.049s      0.025s      0.039s      1.330
      stackage                                       BackjumpLimit  Solution            7.417s      4.820s      0.058s      0.044s      1.539
      stackage-build-plan                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.537s      4.026s      0.059s      0.083s      1.375
      stackage-types                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.482s      2.897s      0.030s      0.029s      1.202
      stratux                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan      10.506s      4.368s      0.062s      0.038s      2.406
      stripe                                         Solution       Solution            3.511s      3.182s      0.044s      0.032s      1.103
      sunroof-examples                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.221s      2.960s      0.025s      0.045s      1.088
      t3-client                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       6.026s      3.266s      0.047s      0.022s      1.845
      t3-server                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.534s      3.273s      0.025s      0.026s      1.385
      tamarin-prover-term                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.810s      2.629s      0.014s      0.053s      1.069
      tcache-AWS                                     Solution       Solution            4.669s      3.733s      0.039s      0.037s      1.251
      tellbot                                        BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.123s      3.330s      0.037s      0.025s      1.839
      text-icu-normalized                            Solution       Solution            4.748s      3.629s      0.028s      0.030s      1.308
      thumbnail-plus                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.221s      2.785s      0.037s      0.017s      1.157
      tickle                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.934s      3.991s      0.035s      0.019s      1.236
      tiger                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.066s      2.715s      0.050s      0.034s      1.129
      tightrope                                      Solution       Solution            4.995s      4.069s      0.031s      0.032s      1.227
      tighttp                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.903s      2.739s      0.030s      0.039s      1.425
      tkyprof                                        BackjumpLimit  Solution           13.516s      5.429s      0.082s      0.042s      2.490
      toktok                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.373s      2.883s      0.014s      0.038s      1.170
      too-many-cells                                 BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      10.111s      4.412s      0.054s      0.031s      2.292
      travis                                         Solution       Solution            3.419s      3.085s      0.026s      0.024s      1.108
      traypoweroff                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.839s      2.590s      0.024s      0.050s      1.096
      twidge                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.424s      2.865s      0.026s      0.022s      1.195
      typescript-docs                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.357s      3.012s      0.035s      0.016s      1.114
      unitym-yesod                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.123s      3.240s      0.031s      0.028s      1.273
      unix-process-conduit                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.027s      2.762s      0.052s      0.023s      1.096
      uri-parse                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.532s      3.390s      0.031s      0.028s      1.337
      uu-cco-examples                                Solution       Solution            3.172s      2.760s      0.058s      0.041s      1.149
      uuagc                                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.287s      2.718s      0.023s      0.018s      1.209
      validate-input                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.469s      3.165s      0.043s      0.019s      1.728
      verify                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.204s      3.193s      0.037s      0.047s      1.317
      vtegtk3                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.202s      2.967s      0.032s      0.049s      1.079
      vty-ui                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.656s      2.961s      0.024s      0.029s      1.235
      wai-handler-devel                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.897s      3.232s      0.061s      0.038s      1.825
      wai-lite                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.107s      2.813s      0.039s      0.026s      1.105
      wai-middleware-cache-redis                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.619s      2.734s      0.018s      0.023s      1.324
      wai-middleware-route                           Solution       Solution            3.792s      2.902s      0.027s      0.022s      1.307
      wai-throttler                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.445s      2.922s      0.019s      0.037s      1.179
      warp-dynamic                                   NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.040s      2.641s      0.021s      0.033s      1.151
      warp-static                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.395s      2.790s      0.009s      0.030s      1.217
      web-browser-in-haskell                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.749s      2.971s      0.049s      0.028s      1.262
      web-encodings                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.118s      2.880s      0.056s      0.042s      1.082
      webkit                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.840s      3.115s      0.028s      0.057s      1.233
      webkitgtk3                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.718s      3.098s      0.026s      0.060s      1.200
      websnap                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.730s      2.962s      0.020s      0.040s      1.259
      werewolf                                       Solution       Solution            3.692s      3.286s      0.034s      0.038s      1.124
      wobsurv                                        NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.292s      2.943s      0.028s      0.040s      1.119
      wordchoice                                     Solution       Solution            5.822s      4.729s      0.030s      0.020s      1.231
      wx                                             BackjumpLimit  Solution            8.170s      5.570s      0.046s      0.041s      1.467
      wxAsteroids                                    BackjumpLimit  Solution            7.319s      3.943s      0.035s      0.022s      1.856
      wxFruit                                        Solution       Solution            4.706s      3.691s      0.022s      0.036s      1.275
      wxc                                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.619s      3.004s      0.041s      0.035s      1.538
      wxcore                                         Solution       Solution            5.077s      3.650s      0.025s      0.023s      1.391
      wxdirect                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.605s      3.083s      0.054s      0.028s      1.169
      wxhnotepad                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.686s      3.422s      0.054s      0.019s      1.369
      xdcc                                           NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.205s      2.873s      0.021s      0.022s      1.116
      xml-pipe                                       NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.167s      2.674s      0.016s      0.025s      1.184
      xmpipe                                         NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.579s      2.746s      0.037s      0.023s      1.303
      xournal-render                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.638s      2.805s      0.027s      0.022s      1.297
      xtc                                            Solution       Solution            5.028s      3.634s      0.034s      0.021s      1.384
      yesod-auth-account-fork                        BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       7.659s      3.841s      0.040s      0.060s      1.994
      yesod-auth-bcrypt                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       8.870s      3.970s      0.042s      0.016s      2.234
      yesod-auth-deskcom                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.654s      3.413s      0.027s      0.047s      1.364
      yesod-auth-ldap                                NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       2.996s      2.751s      0.020s      0.024s      1.089
      yesod-auth-nopassword                          NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.579s      3.880s      0.024s      0.027s      1.180
      yesod-auth-zendesk                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.519s      3.111s      0.029s      0.019s      1.452
      yesod-comments                                 BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       6.942s      3.679s      0.046s      0.018s      1.887
      yesod-crud                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.521s      3.189s      0.034s      0.055s      1.104
      yesod-form-richtext                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.928s      3.741s      0.028s      0.020s      1.317
      yesod-goodies                                  NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.552s      2.733s      0.038s      0.043s      1.299
      yesod-job-queue                                Solution       Solution            7.796s      6.027s      0.063s      0.035s      1.293
      yesod-links                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.181s      3.117s      0.014s      0.029s      1.341
      yesod-lucid                                    NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.910s      3.414s      0.026s      0.033s      1.145
      yesod-mangopay                                 BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       7.016s      3.461s      0.058s      0.026s      2.027
      yesod-paypal-rest                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.867s      3.387s      0.020s      0.016s      1.142
      yesod-platform                                 NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.551s      3.159s      0.035s      0.059s      1.124
      yesod-pure                                     Solution       Solution            4.620s      3.791s      0.038s      0.037s      1.219
      yesod-purescript                               NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.426s      3.827s      0.074s      0.027s      1.418
      yesod-recaptcha                                BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      15.046s      4.573s      0.085s      0.030s      3.290
      yesod-sass                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.081s      2.820s      0.026s      0.033s      1.092
      yesod-session-redis                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       5.285s      3.769s      0.066s      0.022s      1.402
      yesod-static-angular                           BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan       7.646s      3.549s      0.030s      0.026s      2.155
      yesod-tls                                      NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.109s      3.256s      0.014s      0.057s      1.262
      yesod-vend                                     NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.952s      3.769s      0.049s      0.039s      1.314
      yi-contrib                                     UnbuildableDep UnbuildableDep      3.663s      2.949s      0.028s      0.032s      1.242
      yi-frontend-pango                              NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.735s      3.175s      0.034s      0.021s      1.176
      z85                                            NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       4.004s      2.927s      0.034s      0.027s      1.368
      zephyr                                         Solution       Solution            4.482s      4.189s      0.053s      0.053s      1.070
      zeroth                                         Solution       Solution            3.383s      2.866s      0.021s      0.023s      1.180
      zifter-stack                                   Solution       Solution            3.338s      3.040s      0.042s      0.035s      1.098
      ziptastic-client                               BackjumpLimit  NoInstallPlan      18.042s      4.060s      0.110s      0.034s      4.443
      zoom-cache-sndfile                             NoInstallPlan  NoInstallPlan       3.622s      2.844s      0.025s      0.022s      1.274
  4. 22 Dec, 2019 1 commit
    • Oleg Grenrus's avatar
      Implement file+noindex:///local/repositories · a07ef252
      Oleg Grenrus authored
      Resolve #6359
      `preferred-versions` are left out for now.
      It shouldn't be difficult to add, but needs work nevertheless.
      We also allow relative paths, which kind of work,
      if you are careful.
      In addtition
      - change the index cache to use `Distribution.Utils.Structured`,
        making Binary instances generically derived.
      - separate Distribution.Client.HashValue into own module.
        This allows to use HashValue for hashing the part of localRepoPath
        (breaks module dependency cycle).
      Almost as a feature generated 01-index.cache is never updated.
      If you change the contents of the directory, you have to purge
      01-index.cache file yourself.
  5. 14 Dec, 2019 1 commit
    • Oleg Grenrus's avatar
      Implement cabal install -z · 82ad2207
      Oleg Grenrus authored
      Resolve #5919
      Resolve #6410
      Add `withProjectOrGlobalConfigIgn` to unify the behaviour with `-z` in `cabal
  6. 11 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Ryan Scott's avatar
      Implement --benchmark-options for v2-bench · 0810c590
      Ryan Scott authored
      This implements lots of plumbing to allow the `--benchmark-option(s)`
      flags to be used with `v2-bench`, analgous to `v2-test`'s
      `--test-option(s)` flag.
      Fixes #6209.
  7. 27 Aug, 2019 3 commits
  8. 26 Jul, 2019 2 commits
  9. 17 Jun, 2019 1 commit
  10. 26 Apr, 2019 1 commit
  11. 10 Apr, 2019 1 commit
  12. 12 Mar, 2019 1 commit
    • Francesco Gazzetta's avatar
      Add install-method, put new-install flags in config · 344c07ef
      Francesco Gazzetta authored
      Add an --install-method=symlink|copy flag which specifies how to perform
      the installation.
      * --symlink-bindir is now gone, replaced by --installdir
      * --install-method=copy is useful in Windows where symlinking is not
      All new-install flags can now be configured in ~/.cabal/config
      * NewInstallFlags changed to ClientInstallFlags (more descriptive than
      InstallExFlags (like ConfigExFlags))
      * ClientInstallFlags is now part of SavedConfig
  13. 07 Feb, 2019 2 commits
    • Niklas Hambüchen's avatar
      Add `--enable-executable-static` flag. Fixes #391. · c9f02b27
      Niklas Hambüchen authored
      Also update the docs for `--enable-executable-dynamic`
      as they were slightly misleading.
    • Matt Renaud's avatar
      `cabal init` improvements: application-dir and creating library hs file (#5740) · d59a224d
      Matt Renaud authored
      * Add support for application-dir and creating library hs file.
      This adds support for specifying an "application directory" for the
      Main.hs executable entrypoint to be located in ("app" is common).
      This also generates a MyLib.hs file when initializing a new project
      that is 'Library' or 'LibraryAndExecutable'. For the latter, the
      'Main' module also imports this library and uses it.
      * Fix otherModules bug when MyLib and Main are in the same directory.
      * Don't ask for "source dir" if this is an executable.
      That's what applicationDir is for.
      * Comments, explicitly handle 'Library' in getModulesBuildToolsAndDeps
      * Code cleanups.
      - More concise comments.
      - Simplified code to write MyLib.
      - Share directory creation code.
      * Update changelog.
      [ci skip]
      * Remove extraneous let.
      * Add support for application-dir and creating library hs file.
      This adds support for specifying an "application directory" for the
      Main.hs executable entrypoint to be located in ("app" is common).
      This also generates a MyLib.hs file when initializing a new project
      that is 'Library' or 'LibraryAndExecutable'. For the latter, the
      'Main' module also imports this library and uses it.
      * Fix otherModules bug when MyLib and Main are in the same directory.
      * Don't ask for "source dir" if this is an executable.
      That's what applicationDir is for.
      * Comments, explicitly handle 'Library' in getModulesBuildToolsAndDeps
      * Code cleanups.
      - More concise comments.
      - Simplified code to write MyLib.
      - Share directory creation code.
      * Update changelog.
      [ci skip]
      * Remove extraneous let.
      * More library and application directory suggestions.
      * Fix merge bug and reword interactive prompt.
      * Wording.
  14. 25 Jan, 2019 1 commit
  15. 22 Jan, 2019 1 commit
  16. 20 Jan, 2019 2 commits
  17. 15 Jan, 2019 1 commit
  18. 04 Jan, 2019 1 commit
  19. 05 Dec, 2018 2 commits
    • Matt Renaud's avatar
      Change flag to --test-fail-when-no-test-suites. · 98be338d
      Matt Renaud authored
      This changes the default behaviour to succeed when no test suites are found. The
      old behaviour can be achieved by passing --test-fail-when-no-test-suites.
      Sessions with new changes:
      $ cabal v2-test
      Resolving dependencies...
      No tests to run for the package initsample-
      $ cabal v2-test --test-fail-when-no-test-suites
      Resolving dependencies...
      cabal: Cannot run tests for the target '' which refers to the package
      initsample- because it does not contain any test suites.
    • kristenk's avatar
      Solver: Add a flag to control minimizing the conflict set. · f62fcf7e
      kristenk authored
      Minimizing the conflict set requires rerunning the solver multiple times, which
      can be time consuming.  This commit adds a flag, --minimize-conflict-set, that
      defaults to false.  We should probably add a way to limit the total run time
      before turning the feature on by default, such as applying the backjump limit to
      the combined solver runs.
  20. 04 Dec, 2018 1 commit
    • Matt Renaud's avatar
      Add --test-allow-no-test-suites flag (#5435). · 9ff21a71
      Matt Renaud authored
      This flag changes the exit behaviour of the v2-test command when the
      TargetProblem is that no tests were found. By default, this will result in
      'cabal v2-test' returning 1, with the flag enabled it now prints a
      friendlier error message and returns 0.
  21. 28 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Oleg Grenrus's avatar
      Move ReadP out of Cabal (to cabal-install) · baf78ca2
      Oleg Grenrus authored
      - Distribution.Compat.ReadP to Distribution.Deprecated.ReadP
      - Distribution.Text to Distribution.Deprecated.Text
      - all Text instances needed by cabal-install to Deprecated.Text too
      - Distribution.ParseUtils to Distribution.Deprecated.ParseUtils
      - Remove deprecated Distribution.PrettyUtils
      - new Distribution.Text with
          display = prettyShow
          simpleParse = simpleParsec
        to not break too much stuff (Custom Setup.hs)
      - parseInstalledPackageInfo type signature changed to use
        `base` types
      This removes around 2k lines from Cabal the library.
      git diff --stat shows less, as files are moved (git is smart).
      Even so, total 300 lines removal at this point.
  22. 23 Nov, 2018 1 commit
  23. 12 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Alec Theriault's avatar
      Port 'TestFlags' to 'new-test' (#5455) · de5d2c57
      Alec Theriault authored
      This means that old `test` flags can be passed in to `new-test`, `new-build`, `new-install`,
      `new-configure`, etc. These new flags are:
          * `--test-log` (see old `--log`)
          * `--test-machine-log` (see `--machine-log`)
          * `--test-show-details` (see `--show-details`)
          * `--test-keep-tix-files` (see `--keep-tix-files`)
          * `--test-options`
          * `--test-option`
      This fixes #4803, #4643, #4766, and #5416.
  24. 06 Aug, 2018 1 commit
    • quasicomputational's avatar
      Add --reject-uncsontrained-dependencies (#5475) · 26938a59
      quasicomputational authored
      This restricts the solver to a closed set of packages.
      Previously, even with freeze files, there was no good way to instruct
      cabal-install to avoid pulling in extra, unconstrained
      packages. `--reject-unconstrained-dependencies=all` forces the solver
      to stay within the set of packages that are either local packages,
      explicit goals, or which are explicitly constrained in configuration
      files or via the `--constraint` flag
      Closes #2568.
  25. 13 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  26. 09 May, 2018 1 commit
  27. 26 Mar, 2018 1 commit
    • alexbiehl's avatar
      Haddock: Generate haddock for components · 4466310e
      alexbiehl authored
      Currently settings `documentation: true` enables documentation
      generation via haddock for your whole package, including tests and benchmarks.
      However, there are additional flags to control generation of
      documentation for this "second class" documentation targets, which are
      currently not honored at the cabal-install side of things. Namely,
      `tests`, `benchmarks`, `executables`, etc. provided under the
      `haddock` section in your `$CABAL_HOME/config`.
      This patch adds a more sensible approach to documentation generation
      via haddock. Also enabling `new-haddock` to generate documentation for
      single components instead whole packages.
      The behaviour works like this:
          - Setting `documentation: true` or passing
            `--enable-documentation` to cabal-install enable documentation
            for any component in the build plan honoring the respective
            flags for tests, benchmarks, exes, foreignlibs, etc.
          - Invoking new-haddock with a target selector will make sure
            the respective flags for "second class" doc targets are set
            correctly. E.g.
            $ new-haddock tests
            Will generate documentation for the testsuite of your package
            event if you have `tests: false` in your haddock section.
  28. 06 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  29. 12 Feb, 2018 1 commit
  30. 10 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Moritz Angermann's avatar
      Read basedir from cabal-file, and thread it through apropriately. · af49513d
      Moritz Angermann authored
      If we have a cabalFilePath, just invoke the configure script there.  Otherwise
      try to invoke it locally to the CWD.  But don't try to shell out in a different
      directory, that would mess up the paths.  In general we want to run
      /path/to/configure from the bulid directory (e.g. outside of the package folder).
  31. 19 Jan, 2018 1 commit
  32. 08 Jan, 2018 1 commit
  33. 06 Jan, 2018 1 commit
  34. 22 Nov, 2017 1 commit
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      Split sections support for GHC · 450d6bc4
      Ben Gamari authored
      Add --enable-split-sections flag and pipe it through to the GHC backend. Note
      that some of the implementation here could be made a bit more precise:
      -split-sections and -split-objs are mutually exlusive yet the types don't
      currently reflect this.
      Fixes #4819.