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  1. 16 Sep, 2016 6 commits
  2. 13 Sep, 2016 2 commits
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      Rework install paths table in docs · 3807b959
      Leonid Onokhov authored
      Now unix and windows paths switched columns.
      Windows paths use %APPDATA% and %PROGRAMFILES% env vars.
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      Make docs less noisy and referenceable · 3d2be8ae
      Leonid Onokhov authored
      Makes installing-packages.rst less noisy by replacing most of monospace
      markup with `.. option::`. This makes it possible to reference options
      from other parts of docs and adds them to index.
      Index is no longer empty so it is added to nav menu via template
      override in _template folder
      [ci skip]
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      Add support for extended verbosity specification -v"debug +callsite" · 83c93c10
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      This patch uses CallStack support in GHC 7.10 and GHC 8.0 to make
      it possible to get stack traces when we log output.
      This is the bare minimum to make this patch useful: there is
      plenty of tuning that can be done.  For example:
      * Insertions of withFrozenCallStack can help make the "callsite" output
        more useful, though be careful, we lose all stack information at that point!
      * Insertions of 'WithVerbosity', which will let us get deeper stacks
        (at the moment, they are basically always 1-deep.)
      Fixes #3768.
      CC @23Skidoo
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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      One-component configure, fixes #2802. · a090a494
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      Described in:
      ./Setup configure now takes an argument to specify a specific
      component name that should solely be configured.
      Most of the gyrations in Configure are all about making it so that
      we can feed in internal dependencies via --dependency.
      I dropped the package name match sanity check to handle convenience
      library package name munging.  Consider an internal library named
      'q' in package 'p'.  When we install it to the package database,
      we munged the package name into 'z-p-z-q', so that it doesn't
      conflict with the actual package named 'q'.  Now consider when
      we feed it in with --dependency q=p-0.1-hash-q.  Previously,
      Cabal checked that the 'q' in --dependency matched the package
      name in the database... which it doesn't. So I dropped the check.
      I also had to make register/copy unconditionally install internal
      libraries; otherwise you can't refer to them from later builds.
      Also a miscellaneous refactor: convenience libraries are printed with a
      "header" stanza now (not really a stanza header).
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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      Add new 'autogen-modules' field · c0108673
      fmaste authored
      Modules that are built automatically at setup, like Paths_PACKAGENAME or others created with a build-type custom, appear on 'other-modules' for the Library, Executable, Test-Suite or Benchmark stanzas or also on 'exposed-modules' for libraries but are not really on the package when distributed. This makes commands like sdist fail because the file is not found, so with this new field modules that appear there are treated the same way as Paths_PACKAGENAME was and there is no need to create complex build hooks.
      Just add the module names on 'other-modules' and 'exposed-modules' as always and on the new 'autogen-modules' besides.
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