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      Add a comment to ExFlag in the solver DSL. · 09b1ab5c
      kristenk authored
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      Add tests for manual flags. · 330857ab
      kristenk authored
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      Add manual flags to the solver DSL. · 0cc27c1f
      kristenk authored
      Tests can now declare flags before using them, in order to specify non-default
      values for the fields in 'D.Types.GenericPackageDescription.Flag'.
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      Allow the solver to toggle manual flags to match constraints that have any qualifier. · f7f63ab4
      kristenk authored
      This fixes #4299. The change gives the dependency solver the flexibility to link
      dependencies when the user has only set a manual flag on one of them.
      Previously, the solver would force the constrained dependency to have the
      flag value from the constraint and force the unconstrained dependency to have
      the default flag value. In cases where the single instance restriction required
      the dependencies to be linked, the solver couldn't find a solution.
      Qualified constraints can still be used to force different dependencies on a
      package to use different flag values. For example,
      "--constraint 'pkg +flag' --constraint 'pkg2:setup.pkg -flag'" turns the flag on
      for the top-level dependency and off for the setup dependency.
      I also stored flag default values in the search tree to simplify the code.
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      Improvements to reexported module message: · e3085348
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      - Report all reexport errors, not just the first one
      - Give more information about how the modules are different
      - Add quotes and prettify the foramt
      - Preserve spaces when reporting errors
      The new message looks like this:
      Problem with module re-exports:
        - Ambiguous reexport 'Data.Map'
          It could refer to either:
               brought into scope by the build dependency on containers
            or 'containers-dupe-'
               brought into scope by the build dependency on containers-dupe
          The ambiguity can be resolved by qualifying the
          re-export with a package name.
          The syntax is 'packagename:ModuleName [as NewName]'.
        - The module 'Missing'
          is not exported by any suitable package.
          It occurs in neither the 'exposed-modules' of this package,
          nor any of its 'build-depends' dependencies.
        - The module 'Private'
          is not exported by any suitable package.
          It occurs in neither the 'exposed-modules' of this package,
          nor any of its 'build-depends' dependencies
      setup: Configuration failed
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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