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      Enable cabal-install tests on travis · 76e52c75
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      cabal-install tests use locally built cabal · 3f99cc0c
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      When running the cabal-install tests, we want to run against the locally built
      cabal executable, not any other cabal executable which may be installed.
      If we are 1) following the advice of building cabal with `cabal build` (as
      opposed to installing it into a sandbox with `cabal install`) and 2) not using
      a non-default build directory, the locally built cabal will be located at
      By adding the directory `dist/build/cabal` to the program search path we will
      pick up any cabal executable there in preference to any other on the $PATH.
      For most users, I expect that this will remove any surprises with an
      unexpected cabal executable being selected for running the tests. It will be
      sufficient to allow the tests to run on Travis.
      For users who have been installing cabal into a sandbox, this change could
      result in an older cabal executable being selected. It's not clear to me how
      to solve this issue or whether anyone will experience this.
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      Exec tests no longer fail if there isn't a sandbox · 4b364b93
      barmston authored
      The tests which delete the sandbox, now check for its existence before
      deleting it. This prevents erroneous test failures when the tests are first
      run or any time that the sandbox has been deleted.
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