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  1. 08 May, 2018 2 commits
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      Allow ** wildcards in globs. · 5e83ef26
      quasicomputational authored
      These are inspired by a plan described in a comment in #2522, and only
      implement a quite limited form of recursive matching: only a single **
      wildcard is accepted, it must be the final directory, and, if a **
      wildcard is present, the file name must include a wildcard.
      Or-patterns are not implemented, for simplicity.
      Closes #3178, #2030.
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  6. 27 Apr, 2018 3 commits
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      Update AUTHORS. [ci skip] · ca5ae794
      Mikhail Glushenkov authored
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      travis: Move the 8.4.1 builders to 8.4.2. · c18df61c
      quasicomputational authored
      This ought to fix the build matrix. I believe the issue is GHC trac
      5129, where evaluate is being miscompiled: in cabal-testsuite's
      Test.Cabal.Server, in the function readUntilEnd, the 'read' function
      is protected by an 'if' to ensure that it doesn't result in the
      dreaded 'no parse'. However, some sophisticated putStrLn
      debugging has revealed that it is being called in *both* branches, not
      just the safe one; this is the worst sort of heisenbug because it
      vanished when I put a putStrLn before the evaluate!
      Since the evaluate function is fixed in 8.4.2 and bumping to 8.4.2
      has a patch for trac 5129, this is as fixed as it can get.
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      Haddock: Generate haddock for components · f3cacffe
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      Currently settings documentation: true enables documentation
      generation via haddock for your whole package, including tests and benchmarks.
      However, there are additional flags to control generation of
      documentation for these "second class" documentation targets, which are
      currently not honored at the cabal-install side of things. Namely,
      tests, benchmarks, executables, etc. provided under the
      haddock section in your $CABAL_HOME/config.
      This patch adds a more sensible approach to documentation generation
      via haddock. The new behaviour works like this:
      Setting documentation: true or passing
      --enable-documentation to cabal-install enables documentation
      for any component in the build plan honoring the respective
      flags for "second class" doc targets from configuration
      or CLI.
      Invoking new-haddock with a target selector will make sure
      the respective flags for "second class" doc targets are set
      correctly. E.g.
         $ new-haddock tests
      Will generate documentation for the test suite of your package
      even if you have tests: false in your haddock configuration.
      Merge pull request #5226 from alexbiehl/pr/haddock-components
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