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  1. 05 Aug, 2004 5 commits
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  5. 31 Jul, 2004 8 commits
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      Updates to the TODO · e14e82b9
      md9ms authored
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      Allow alphanumeric characters in version tags · 37b4b4ac
      md9ms authored
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      Allow .:s to be used to preserve indentation · 49dacd71
      md9ms authored
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      made ugly dist rule · 349d3088
      ijones authored
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      fix_debianTemplate_postinst · 2eba39a7 authored
      dh_make is lame. fix postinst to substitute on PACKAGE not PACKAGE1.
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      hacked up haddock rule · 7c7183c9
      ijones authored
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      turned off broken building for NHC · 6ed1ac6e
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      updates_to_achieve_first_working_debianTemplate · 330e5707 authored
      I removed a bunch of useless(?) stuff in the debianTemplates
      directory. And renamed some files. Seems that the dh_make template
      stuff is pretty basic -- it just substitutes the string 'package' in a
      filename with the name of the package.
      I also modified the rules file -- among other things 'clean' required
      'setup'. But setup was not built yet. The currently solution seems
      like a bit of a hack, but does at least generate a package.
      Also, I use dh_installdocs to install the installed-pkg-config instead
      of copying it explicitly in the rules file. Added a compat file
      (level 4), and a default changelog.
      commented out the Depends line in the control file, because there is
      currently only a -dev package.
      To invoke the debianTemplate stuff I do:
      dh_make -d -t /full/path/to/debianTemplate
      The -d keeps dh_make from installing a bunch of useless stuff in the
      debian directory, but it also makes it so that the copyright file does
      not get created, even if you specify -c on the command-line. I think
      that should be considered a bug.
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