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      docs: Minor style fix [skip ci] · 2573a3a8
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      docs: add new docs to cabal file · 9255fc4f
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      docs: move new docs into place [skip ci] · 02cc8f5c
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      Added TODO: eradicateNoParse comments to all uses of bare 'read' · 978ca74e
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      When 'read' is used on invalid input, it raises a "no parse" exception that is
      typically very unhelpful to the user.  It is generally more desirable to either
      handle the error or produce a more helpful error message.
      This actually happens sometimes.  When a user creates a detailed-0.9 test
      suite, and that test suite crashes or is killed so it can't write its result
      log, the bare read in Distribution.Simple.Test.LibV09.runTest fails and cabal
      fails with "no parse".
      I could have just written a patch to fix that, but it seemed like a better idea
      to find all uses of bare read and see what we can do for all of them.
      I have grepped through the repository and I think I've found all uses of bare
      'read' that might raise the dreaded 'no parse' exception.  The plan is to
      separately patch each of them by either replacing with an alternate Read
      function (readMaybe is the most obvious candidate), proving the read will
      always succeed, or establishing that producing a 'no parse' exception is the
      most desirable behavior.
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