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      Fix speling. · 2236045c authored
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      Actually we don't need wrapText' · 6d4b9755
      Duncan Coutts authored
      Any users of custom wrapText versions can go from the underlying wrapLine
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      Bump version to 1.3.7 · 1f2a7ef0
      Duncan Coutts authored
      Keep up with recent minor api changes
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      Put a header in the dist/setup-config file and check it on loading · e15289e4
      Duncan Coutts authored
      This should fix ticket #120 in future which is the problem where you do
      something like "sudo runghc Setup install" and you accidentally end up
      using a different version of the compiler or of the Cabal lib and you get
      an unhelpful error message:
      > Setup.hs: error reading ./.setup-config; run "setup configure" command?
      Well now you'll get a helpful error message:
      > setup: You need to re-run the 'configure' command. The version of Cabal
      > being used has changed (was Cabal-1.3.6, now Cabal-1.3.7).
      If the compiler version being used has changed too we get the extra helpful:
      > setup: You need to re-run the 'configure' command. The version of Cabal
      > being used has changed (was Cabal-1.3.6, now Cabal-1.3.7). Additionally
      > the compiler is different (was ghc-6.8, now ghc-6.9) which is probably
      > the cause of the problem.
      Of course this does not help for older versions of Cabal but there's not a
      lot we can do about that.
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      Extend and use the OS data type in the package description · 3108588e
      Duncan Coutts authored
      Rather than just using a string. This makes comparing OSs easier since
      we can normalise them once when we parse rather than every time we compare.
      Also makes it easy to discover when a package mentions an unknown OS since
      it's marked as Other "whatever".
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      Wrap the output of the logging functions · 4bdbdfab
      Duncan Coutts authored
      So we'll not have to keep adjusting newline breaks.
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      Add liftOption for making derived command parsers · 8c5ca96a
      Duncan Coutts authored
      liftOption :: (b -> a) -> (a -> (b -> b)) -> Option a -> Option b
      For example:
      liftOption fst (\a (_,b) -> (a,b)) :: Option a -> Option (a,b)
      Needed to be able to make a CommandUI (a, b) using an existing CommandUI a.
      That's what we want to do in cabal-install where the 'install' command
      to support all the 'configure' flags and some extra of it's own, for example
      --dry-run and probably several more in future.
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