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      Better support for packages that need to install header files · dc87abd4
      Simon Marlow authored
      There's a new field for .cabal files: 
           install-includes: foo.h bar.h
      This means the same as 'includes', except that the files named therein
      will be installed into $libdir/include.  'includes' should only be
      used for headers already installed on the system.
      Directories listed in 'include-dirs' still turn into -I options for
      hsc2hs, cpphs, and C compilations.  However, for installation
      purposes, relative directories in 'include-dirs' are now treated
      differently from absolute directories:
        - an absolute directory is copied to the include-dirs field
          of the installed package config
        - files names in install-includes are assumed to be found in
          one of the *relative* directories listed in include-dirs
      So the common pattern for providing a header file that you want to
      be available everywhere including to via-C compilations against this
        include-dirs: myincludes
        install-includes: foo.h
      will install the header file myincludes/foo.h in
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      merge from base: · 5c06af5d
      Simon Marlow authored
      Wed Apr 26 13:11:10 BST 2006  Simon Marlow <>
        * RequireOrder: do not collect unrecognised options after a non-opt
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      pass unrecognised options before the command name to the command · 2fff06b4
      Simon Marlow authored
      Previously, options before the command name other than --help were
      just ignored, which is quite confusing behaviour.  So now,
      ./setup --with-compiler=ghc-6.4.2 configure
      works as you expect, instead of ignoring the --with-compiler option.
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      First attempt at a cabal-setup command · b5dabf1d
      Simon Marlow authored
      cabal-setup is a replacement for 'runhaskell Setup.hs'.  It accepts
      exactly the same commands.  Additionally, the following new features
      are provided:
       * Setup.{hs,lhs} is optional.  If omitted, cabal-setup behaves just
         like Distribution.Simple.defaultMain.
       * If the .cabal file contains a cabal-version field, then Setup.hs
         is built using an appropriate version of Cabal.  This might entail
         creating Setup.hs if it doesn't exist.
       * cabal-setup interprets the options --with-compiler and --with-hc-pkg
         to determine the compiler used to compile Setup.hs.
      Later, we could add support for building multiple packages in
      dependency order, as per recent discussions on
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