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    • Leonid Onokhov's avatar
      Docs: added cabal domain for sphinx · 418a82f0
      Leonid Onokhov authored
      It features simple `pkg-section` directive for marking sections for
      which subsequent `pkg-field` fields are defined. Needed to disambiguate
      fields such as `type` or `main-is`.
      Converted most of `developing-packages.rst` to use new directives
      Future work:
      * Add directives for describing project.local, make it reference
        relevant cabal arguments
      * Add more meta, like since or deprecated which can be rendered in link
        titles and index.
      * Add "quick reference" indices for cabal args, package.cabal and
       project.local fields. Reference these from sidebar.
      * Using "since" and "deprectated field it is possible to create "what's
        new" index
      [ci skip]
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    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Rewrite the package test suite. · e94552e8
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      I've rewritten the test suite to be more concise and "correct by
      construction".  The primary method that this is achieved by
      is introducing the 'TestM' monad, which carries around the
      important state for the tests so that (1) we don't have to
      pass it as an argument all around, and (2) we can automatically
      make the correct decisions about how to do things.  This new
      method emphasises "configuration by convention": we assume
      that a test-case named "Foo" has its test packages in the
      directory "tests/PackageTests/Foo".
      A secondary change is that all command functions automatically fail if
      they have a non-zero exit code (unless you use the 'shouldFail'
      combinator which inverts the sense.)  This saves a lot of typing
      on test-cases.  (In fact, I've reorganized all of the commands
      related here.)
      In the process, I've tightened up the logic for how to find the
      LocalBuildInfo of the Cabal we've testing, so we should now
      reliably be testing the inplace Cabal library, and not the
      system library (as was often the case.)
      Because things are a lot shorter, there is no good reason to
      make Check modules except for the biggest test cases.  Most
      test-cases have been folded into PackageTests.Tests; if you
      have a small test-case you should just put it there.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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    • Michael Snoyman's avatar
      Add a stack.yaml file · fcdfb308
      Michael Snoyman authored
      I needed this when building cabal.exe for MinGHC (see: I thought others might find
      this useful, especially for the use case of bootstrapping cabal
      I went the direction of no curation and explicit packages in the
      extra-deps, as I thought that would make more sense for a project low on
      the dependency chain, but this could certainly be tweaked to use LTS
      Haskell or Stackage Nightly instead.
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