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  1. 15 Feb, 2005 4 commits
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      basic emit registration script when verbose > 10 · 8a3eeb67
      ijones authored
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      fixed ghc-pkg versioned depends bug · fc0a8d02
      ijones authored
      Fixed bug for ghc < 6.3 where call to ghc-pkg during configure step
      was unconditional.  Now only call ghc-pkg to get versioned
      dependencies if >= 6.3. revived buildDepToDep as setDepByVersion,
      which sets the exact version number if supplied by the package
      description in any case where we can't query the HC-pkg system.
      minor fix to withHooks test for hugs
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      cvs pull from ross and simonMar · 34a7fc39
      ijones authored
        Configure dependencies properly, by querying hc-pkg for the package list.
        We should pass the full package id (including version) to ghc now that
        we know it, not just the package name.
        buildHugs: use ppCpp (calling cpphs) instead of invoking cpp directly.
        Also removed the unused exeDependencies.
        Add --user flag to configure
        Doc setup configure --user/--global
        Minor doc tweaks
        Hugs only: use binary handles for copyFile
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      some TODOs · 92257876
      ijones authored
  2. 14 Feb, 2005 6 commits
  3. 13 Feb, 2005 11 commits
  4. 12 Feb, 2005 12 commits
  5. 11 Feb, 2005 2 commits
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      fixed tests cases to match ross changes · f214de07
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      cvs pull from ross · edd436ab
      ijones authored
        add flags arguments to post-hooks, and have defaultUserHooks use postConf
        instead of preConf.
        changes to package description fields, as discussed on the libraries list:
        * allow both License and License-File, which now correspond to different
          fields of Package Description.
        * add Synopsis.
        * rename Hidden-Modules as Other-Modules.
  6. 10 Feb, 2005 5 commits