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    • Luite Stegeman's avatar
      use CompilerInfo rather than CompilerId for resolving flags and · 7d91b773
      Luite Stegeman authored
      path templates.
      CompilerInfo contains more information about the compiler than
      CompilerId, which just stores the flavour and version. In particular,
      CompilerInfo knows an AbiTag, which can be used to tell binary
      incompatible results from the same compiler apart, and detailed
      information about supported languages and extensions.
      Some fields in CompilerInfo may be left unknown (Nothing). This can
      be used in the future to allow partially resolving configurations
      based on supported languages or extensions.
  3. 09 Dec, 2014 1 commit
    • ttuegel's avatar
      getConfigStateFile: throw meaningful exceptions, recover old LBI · 78776496
      ttuegel authored
      getConfigStateFile now throws meaningful exceptions which are caught by
      tryGetConfigStateFile and friends, which are allowed to propagate,
      rather than just calling 'die'. If the LocalBuildInfo was generated by
      an older version of Cabal, an exception is still generated, but the
      LocalBuildInfo is included if it is recoverable. This feature is used to
      reduce code duplication between the library and the test suite.
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  6. 26 Nov, 2014 1 commit
    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Preliminary support for compiling signature files, using --instantiate-with. · 0ef39071
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      There's no chrome here, but some of the guts for Cabal supporting compiling
      signatures.  The key UI is a new --instantiate-with flag for ./Setup (no support
      cabal-install side!) which properly modifies the package key, calculates extra
      hole dependencies for a package, and ensures an appropriately
      translated -sig-of is passed to GHC.  The UI here is supremely user-unfriendly:
      the intent is that users will use cabal-install to calculate these parameters
      for them.
      ToDo: Cabal's inconsistency check in ./Setup needs to be adjusted to be
      less zealous.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Consolidate exposed-modules and reexported-modules in InstalledPackageInfo. · 1f8a0a20
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      A note first: this patch does NOT modify the user-facing experience in Cabal
      files; it only changes how we register information in the installed package
      This patch takes the exposed-modules and reexported-modules fields in
      the InstalledPackageInfo structure and consolidates them into just the
      exposed module fields, which now has a Maybe flag indicating if a
      module is reexported and, if it is, what the original module was.  I've
      also added in a field for signatures although it is currently unused.
      The big benefit of this change is that it will make processing at the GHC level
      much more uniform when we add signatures: signatures can also be reexported
      and the new representation means we can share the code.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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    • Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar
      cabal-install : Add a 'user-config' command. · 6d530dd4
      Erik de Castro Lopo authored
      The 'user-config' command allows pseudo-diff-ing and updating of the
      user's ~/.cabal/config file. The diff is against what cabal would
      generated if the user config file did not exist and the update
      command overlays the user's existing settings over the current
      version of the default settings and writes it back to ~/.cabal/config.
      Closes: #2159
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