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  1. 19 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      fix HPC tests with GHC 7.10 · 0b463457
      ttuegel authored
      Starting with version 7.10, GHC puts the module interface (.mix) files
      for each project in a subdirectory of -hpcdir named for the package
      key. We must adjust the search path accordingly when checking for the
      .mix file.
  5. 14 Mar, 2015 3 commits
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      Bump Cabal version to · cbd9d53b
      Mikhail Glushenkov authored
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      Make sure to pass the package key to ghc · 3620d61f
      Edsko de Vries authored
      In the invocation of Haddock is
      changed to use Haddock's new `--package-name` and `--package-version` flags,
      necessary for GHC >= 7.10 (Cabal issue / Haddock issue However, this commit also
      removes the `-package-name` argument to GHC. This is incorrect, as it means
      that GHC will end up calling the package `main` and we end up with Haddock link
      environments such as
          (trans_H9c1w14lEUN3zdWCTsn8jG:Control.Monad.Trans.Error.strMsg, main:Control.Monad.Error.Class)
      Note that before this commit we ended up with
          (trans_H9c1w14lEUN3zdWCTsn8jG:Control.Monad.Trans.Error.strMsg, mtl-2.1.1:Control.Monad.Error.Class)
      which is equally wrong as it uses a package source ID rather than a package key
      (Haddock issue Instead, we need
      to pass _both_ `--package-name` and `--package-version` to Haddock, and
      `-package-name` or `-this-package-key` to GHC, depending on the version.
      Thankfully the infrastructure for chosing between `-package-name` and
      `-this-package-key` is already in place, so we just have to make sure to
      populate the `ghcPackageKey` field. After this commit the link environment
      looks like
          (trans_H9c1w14lEUN3zdWCTsn8jG:Control.Monad.Trans.Error.strMsg, mtl_Koly6qxRZLf86guywd4tkE:Control.Monad.Error.Class)
      which is correct.
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  13. 28 Jan, 2015 2 commits
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      Merge pull request #2394 from ttuegel/1.22 · 46af8766
      ttuegel authored
      rollback API changes about --enable-profiling
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      rollback API changes about --enable-profiling · 25f7f9a1
      ttuegel authored
      Now the released version of cabal-install can be built against
      Cabal-, and there is no need to modify the upper bound on
      Hackage. This change prevents Cabal- from emitting deprecation
      warnings about --enable-executable-profiling, but the correct behavior
      of --enable-profiling is preserved. There is no need to rollback the API
      changes on master; cabal-install already requires Cabal to have the same
      major version.
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