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      Don't make cabal-install into a library just yet · 7597a174
      Duncan Coutts authored
      At some point in the future we probably do want a library or two
      but we should make that decision deliberately and think about the API
      that we want to expose.
      I understand the change was made not to expose a lib API but to avoid
      compiling the modules twice for the test-suite. It is true that that's
      annoying but we don't yet have support for private or "convenience"
      libraries and installing it as an exposed lib is not what we want to do
      at the moment.
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      Return Maybe Platform as part of compiler configure, and place it in... · 7a0941c8
      lukexi authored
      Return Maybe Platform as part of compiler configure, and place it in LocalBuildInfo as hostPlatform.
      GHC infers the platform form ghc --info using new 'platformFromTriple' function. Other compilers return Nothing, which triggers fallback to old behavior of using buildPlatform. hostPlatform is then threaded through to initialPathTemplateEnv.
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      Replace the 'unpack' command with a more general 'get'. · f8665a4c
      refold authored
      'cabal get PACKAGE' is the new name of 'cabal unpack'.
      'cabal get --source-repository' reads the source-repositories from a package's
      description, determines which VCS to use, and then creates a local repository or
      branch of the package's repository.
      'cabal get --source-repository=[head|this|...]' additionally allows to specify
      which source-repository to use.
      Based on the code originally written by John Millikin <>.
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