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  1. 19 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Edward Z. Yang's avatar
      Never use --enable-profiling when invoking Setup. · bf3d3e68
      Edward Z. Yang authored
      In Cabal, the semantics of
      --disable-profiling/--enable-profiling depend on ordering (because there
      is a hack that operates by looking at the current flag assignment and
      doing something). In particular, if I specify --enable-library-profiling
      --disable-profiling, I end up with library profiling DISABLED.
      The fix is that we NEVER pass --enable-profiling or --disable-profiling
      to Cabal. At the moment, and according to my historical analysis, Cabal
      ONLY uses configProf to affect the effective library/executable
      profiling, which means that anything we do with --enable-profiling, we
      can do using the library/executable profiling individually. Since these
      are always flags for the versions of Cabal library we support, we will
      get order invariance. Historical versions have varied on whether or not
      setting executable profiling implies library profiling, but if we set
      both explicitly this change in behavior doesn't matter.
      This patch is difficult to test because the bad profiling flags
      can't be induced on an inplace build.  I tested by hand by building
      a package that depended on 'distributive' by hand.
      Fixes #3790.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
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  20. 17 Mar, 2016 3 commits
    • mightybyte's avatar
      Initial working version of the gen-bounds command. · ea01974b
      mightybyte authored and Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov committed
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Correct typos in the cli/config lenses · d3b07300
      Duncan Coutts authored and Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov committed
      Getters and setters really need to match up.
      Detected by parse/print round trip QC tests.
      (cherry picked from commit a82af445)
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      New module for new style project configuration files · 92f018c2
      Duncan Coutts authored and Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov committed
      This defines the new cabal.project files and introduces the notion of a
      project root (and the logic for finding it). Also has support for
      implicit projects when no cabal.project file is defined.
      Supports both reading and writing project files or fragments. The
      printing & parsing round trips correctly. QC tests to follow.
      This is a key part of the new nix-local-build branch approach, based
      around projects with clear configuration state held in a project file
      (or extra files).
      This has support for file and dirs as packages within a project,
      including by glob. It supports both globs that much match a target, and
      optional globs that are allowed to match nothing. It has partial support
      for local tarball, remote http tarball and remote source repo packages.
      (cherry picked from commit 324b3240)
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  25. 31 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Tomas Vestelind's avatar
      Add new 'user-config' subcommand 'init'. · fe7b5975
      Tomas Vestelind authored and Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov committed
      'cabal user-config init' creates a default config file if it doesn't already
      If '--config-file' is set, then that file will be written.
      If '-f' or '--force' is used, then the file will be overwritten if it already
  26. 27 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Duncan Coutts's avatar
      Extend the backwards compat Setup.hs flags filter · 377cc8f3
      Duncan Coutts authored
      Cabal < 1.12.0 doesn't know about '--enable/disable-executable-dynamic'
      or '--enable/disable-library-coverage'.
      This is a problem in general, if rare, but it shows up in the
      nix-local-build branch more obviously since it always passes all flags,
      including defaults (it does this because the defaults should be
      determined by the current version, not the older version).