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      setupAndCabalTest uses cabal act-as-setup for cabal part · ab355361
      Oleg Grenrus authored
      The cabal command interface will drift more and more from
      ./Setup interface. This is first step: don't assume
      they are the same.
      This removes need to "patch" setup commands to work with cabal:
      the `act-as-setup` SHOULD behave as (simple) ./Setup
      There were few setupAndCabalTests which weren't `build-type: Simple`.
      For those I made a separate `cabal.test.hs`.
      Also added a OutputNormalizer for global tmp directory.
      `v2-build` sdists `build-type: Custom` packages to get the list of files
      to watch. I guess it's ok to have that functionality,
      yet it could be eventually removed, as `v2-sdist`
      does not invoke `./Setup.hs` script.
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