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  1. 07 May, 2016 1 commit
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      Report process output decoding errors in context · cc35a48a
      Duncan Coutts authored
      It turns out that in rawSystemStdInOut any IO errors, including text
      decoding, occurring while collecting the output (stderr or stdout) do
      not get reported immediately, but only later if/when the output is
      consumed. This is because the exceptions happened in the threads forked
      to force the output, but if the main thread looks at the output later
      then the exception is reported again.
      This leads to very confusing results. In particular we had a case where
      the configure process did not fail until writing out the LocalBuildInfo
      because that was the first point that forced the output. So the distance
      from when the exception really occurred and the fact that the exception
      message does not include the name of the program run means that this is
      then a pain to track down.
      This patch makes sure that any exceptions arising from forcing the
      program output occur immediately and with an error message that includes
      the name of the program in question.
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    • Lennart Kolmodin's avatar
      Fix bugs with bash completion · 0122e821
      Lennart Kolmodin authored
      The bash completion suffers from a number of issues,
      some fix with this patch;
      With this patch we expand the path to cabal as well as its arguments.
      For example;
      ~/code/cabal configure --with-ghc=$GHC <tab><tab>
      will now work. Both ~ and the $GHC variable will be expanded.
      If there are no .cabal files, or multiple files, the script will no longer
      We still invoke cabal to get completions. If cabal detects an error and writes
      errors to STDERR, these will no longer be printed to the console. Instead we
      don't offer any completions.
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