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  1. 08 Dec, 2020 3 commits
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      Add spaces between words · cca04714
      Aiken Cairncross authored
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      Merge pull request #7190 from DanielG/more-cmdline-help-wrapping · 3b8efe79
      Oleg Grenrus authored
      Cabal: Improve cmdline help readability by breaking long lines
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      Cabal: Improve cmdline help readability by breaking long lines · 97e4a127
      Daniel Gröber (dxld) authored
      Currently usageInfo lays out the cmdline help as three columns for each
      OptDescr: 1) the short options, 2) the long option and 3) the help text.
      We try to fit these columns in 79 chars but if thi fails we allocate at
      least 30 chars to the help text. Since we currently have some very long
      .. long options in cabal-install this makes the help output quite ugly on
      a standard 80x24 terminal window.
      This patch does two things: firstly we get rid of the dedicated short
      options column, and simply merge this with the long options
      column. Secondly instead of laying everything out in a strictly two column
      fashion with the first column having variable width we instead make the
      first column a fixed width and simply break the line after the list of
      options if we go over.
      Say we currently have:
          -a  --short-long-option                                 with some help text
              --really-long-option=with|a|bunch|of|allowed|values and help text here
      Instead we now get:
          -a, --short-long-option       with some help text
                                        and help text here
      where the help text is aligned to a fixed column (30 chars here) throughout
      and we use a comma to separate the short and long options instead of giving
      the short options a dedicated column.
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