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  1. 29 Nov, 2016 7 commits
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      Better error message · 3965d507
      Franz Thoma authored
      Output the last error message in addition to the final conflict
      set, and give a less technical description of the conflict set for the
      user message.
      An example for the expected output is:
      > cabal install --dry-run DPM CurryDB DAV DSH Digit HList MagicHaskeller bamboo
      cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
      trying: CurryDB- (user goal)
      trying: base- (dependency of CurryDB-
      trying: unix- (dependency of process-
      trying: directory- (dependency of process-
      Dependency tree exhaustively searched.
      I've had most trouble fulfilling the following goals: haskell98 (36850), base
      (26359), directory (9599), HTF (5092), bamboo (3788), DPM (3452), unix (3208),
      CurryDB (107)
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      Update documentation · 1df47e71
      Franz Thoma authored
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      Print conflict counts alongside the conflicts (#3570) · e83ba105
      Franz Thoma authored
      Conflicts are sorted by conflict counts, so high-rated conflicts appear
      early in the list. Currently the raw count is printed.
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      Print final conflict set (#3570) · 67c89578
      Franz Thoma authored
      Keep information about the final conflict set and print it in case of
      exhaustive search. The original error message is not printed any more.
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      Merge pull request #4143 from juhp/master · 7613f78b
      Mikhail Glushenkov authored do not use -j on ghc-7.8
    • Jens Petersen's avatar do not use -j on ghc-7.8 · 40287a99
      Jens Petersen authored
      Cabal-1.18 in ghc-7.8 does not support -j
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  3. 27 Nov, 2016 32 commits